7 famous people suffering from rare diseases, in silence

In the Hollywood industry, several famous suffer from rare diseases, in silence. Pathologies make their days conditioned to different symptoms Y treatments that they have to carry out to combat them or in the worst case, feel better. We start with Selena Gomez, who suffers from lupus, an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system … Read more

Analysis: Republican silence validates Trump’s game | United States

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans in Congress are committed to a risky but calculated bet that, once President Donald Trump has exhausted all his legal recourse to challenge the election result, he will accept defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. . But the opposite is happening. As the cases presented by his legal team fall by the … Read more

Silence, journalists fired, by Salvador Enguix

In the coming weeks, several newsrooms of Valencian newspapers or of national newspaper delegations will be reduced or diminished with the announced layoffs of editors. And beyond a statement from those affected or from a professional association, the silence is deep, deafening. I remember when the media (not all, true) turned to denounce the dismissals … Read more

USAP-Béziers: a minute of silence in tribute to Stéphane Mallet

Tonight, the USAP will pay tribute to Stéphane Mallet on the occasion of the derby against Béziers (9:05 pm). Sales and marketing director of USAP between 2013 and 2018, Stéphane Mallet lost his life on Friday evening in a road accident in which Walter Soubirant, secretary general of UPE66, also died. Tonight, on the occasion … Read more

Chelsea Houska Breaks Her Silence On Teen Mom Outing 2

Chelsea HouskaIt’s the time Teen Mom 2 has come to an end. About two weeks after E! News confirmed Chelsea’s departure from the MTV reality series, the 29-year-old mother of four addressed the matter in a heartfelt statement reflecting on her 10-season journey. “MTV Teen Mom 2 it has been a huge part of my … Read more

I broke the silence: Lucero talked about the photos that would prove the secret wedding with Luis Miguel

After a long time, Lucero she was encouraged to talk about the rumors, which indicated that she had married Luis Miguel. After the images went viral again, in which singer Poses in a wedding dress next to the Mexican sun explain the origin. According to the actress, the postcards belong to the movie Love Fever, … Read more

Mike Pence’s silence after Trump’s defeat

One day after the democrat Joe Biden was declared winner of the elections in the US, the outgoing president, Donald Trump, does not acknowledge his defeat, while no one knows what has become of his vice president, Mike Pence, who keeps absolute silence. On Twitter, Trump’s favorite social network, the latest message from his second … Read more

As Donald Trump clings to the Presidency, the Republican Party calls for silence

The former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, gestures at the moment that the media give Joe Biden the winner. REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz“I won this election by a lot”says the latest tweet from President Donald Trump, whose source cannot be seen because the social network removed the link as … Read more

I broke the silence: in the middle of the storm, J Balvin confessed what no one expected

The 35-year-old musician, which currently has 44 million followers on the social network, pointed out that he has again begun to suffer from anxiety and depression. After several days away from social media, J Balvin He shared a video on his Instagram stories where he revealed that he was having a difficult time. Various fans … Read more

Assisted human reproduction techniques in the post mortem stage. Post mortem fertilization, legal silence and socio-legal reality

Please use this identifier to quote or link to this item: http://rid.unrn.edu.ar/handle/20.500.12049/6412 Title: Assisted human reproduction techniques in the post mortem stage. Post-mortem fertilization, legal silence and socio-legal reality Author (s): Lambrecht, Franco Manuel Director: Fredes, Paula Publication date: 2020 Citation: Lambrecht, Franco Manuel (2020). Assisted human reproduction techniques in the post mortem stage. Post-mortem … Read more