Global warming: the IPCC practices single thought. True or false ?

History shows that even notorious climate skeptics have passed on comments to the IPCC. For example, the French climatosceptic physicist, François Gervais, was able to transmit his remarks as an expert-reviewer. François Gervais also took advantage of this role to make believe that he himself had been asked to act as rapporteur by the IPCC, … Read more

“Maxima” single concept store opened on Ziemelu Street

SIA “Maxima Latvija” corporate communications project manager Laura Bagātā informs that the shop’s sales premises have become more spacious, while the layout and placement of goods is more intuitive. A total of 62,500 euros have been invested in the improvement of the store. “In Liepāja, we already opened stores of the unified “Mans veikals” concept … Read more

A single vaccine would prevent Epstein-Barr virus and multiple sclerosis

The Epstein-Barr virus is the major cause of mononucleosis, or “kissing disease,” which can trigger an increased immune response in adolescents to multiple sclerosis. In addition, it could have the side effect of making it easier for the patient to develop multiple sclerosis years later. Researchers believe that developing a vaccine against the Epstein-Barr virus … Read more

Scientists Find a Single Galaxy, It Turns Out to be a Former Cannibal!

In the darkness of the universe, various galaxies hold many secrets. Because it is far from human sight, it takes a short time to reveal it. Recently, astronomers discovered the latest facts about a galaxy far from Earth. Seen for yourself, who would have thought that a galaxy had actually eaten the galaxy around it? … Read more

TWICE | The 10th Japanese single will be released on May 31st! | Tower Records first-come-first-served benefit “Clear Trading Card (10 random types)” | Flage target! – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

TWICE 10th SINGLE release! 5684915:L 5684917:L 5684919:L TWICE JAPAN 10th SINGLEReal release event for purchasers will be held!Click here for details Tower Records benefits First come first served:Clear Trading Card (Random 1 out of 10 types)* If there is no mention of “with benefits” on the product page, it will not be eligible for benefits.* … Read more

New Grandeur 9th free repair… ‘Single row’ LED lamp not lit

Hyundai Motor Company will again repair the new Grandeur (GN7) free of charge. This time, it is a defect that the straight LED lamp, the symbol of the Grandeur, does not turn on properly. On the 17th, Hyundai Motor Company sent a free repair customer notice for the new Grandeur. The target is 692 Grandeur … Read more

Škoda Fabia is on the verge of an abyss, says the head of VW, a single EU decision will kill it for good

Škoda Fabia is on the verge of an abyss, says the head of VW, a single EU decision will kill it for good 19.3.2023 | Petr Miler / Photo: Škoda Auto For a person not oriented in economic matters, it can be difficult to understand why it has to be so, the head of VW … Read more

“It made me think”

At the end of January, Chayenne Van Aarle presented her new companion with whom she stayed for a few months. These few months were all the same intense, since the former miss had a terrible car accident a few days before the Miss Belgium 2023 election, preventing her from participating and handing over the crown … Read more

Mrton Fucsovics chased the sexiest women into the trap with a single move

Mrton Fucsovics lost in the round of 16 to fellow tennis player Taylor Fritz in the men’s competition of the Indian Wells tennis tournament, but the girl caused a huge shock to her fans. The 84th Hungarian player in the world ranking played for the second time in 24 years, as he beat Slovakia’s Alex … Read more