This is how he was taken off the tunes.. Ahmed Ezz’s smart trick to get rid of all his wives without paying or a single pound in the back!!

The star Ahmed Ezz starred during the last Ramadan marathon after participating in the championship with Ahmed El-Sakka, Yasser Galal and Karim Abdel Aziz in the series “The Choice 3”. Recently, Synergy Company released a new poster for the movie “Kira Waljen”, which is scheduled to be released in cinemas starting from June 30, where … Read more

VR development is currently run by a single company: Meta

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in a hurry. Around the corner awaits metaverse, a virtual world that will make Facebook relevant again – and secure the platform’s future. Lots of hardware is needed to showcase this wonderful new digital world. That is why Meta / Facebook has for several years invested heavily in developing and … Read more

The Mercedes-Benz EQXX broke its record, covering 1,202 kilometers on a single charge

It has been a few weeks since Mercedes-Benz set a record with the Vision EQXX concept in the range of an electric car on a single charge on real roads. It was worth 1008 km and the Alps were on the route, so it was already clear then that the car could go even further … Read more

No Man’s Sky is coming to Switch on October 7th, 2022 as a single player version

<meta itemprop="headline" content="No Man’s Sky Coming to Switch in single player on October 7th, 2022 Die Switch-Version von No Man’s Sky has been moved to October from its original summer release timeline. Switch + No Man’s Sky Developer Hello Games has confirmed that the game will now be released on October 7th. A physical version … Read more

States comply with Mendonça and revoke single ICMS rate

The Confaz (National Council for Finance Policy), formed by the Secretaries of Finance of the States and the Federal District, today revoked the measure that established a single rate of ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) charged on diesel. It was priced at R$ 1.006 per litre. The council accepted the decision of … Read more

Two mysterious explosions in Russia in a single day

The press service of the Russian Western Military District on Wednesday reported an explosion in an ammunition depot in Russia’s Vladimir region. Four people were killed and four others were injured, according to The Kyiv Independent. “On June 22, during the unloading and loading of ammunition in the ammunition depot in the Vladimir region, there … Read more

Vázquez Sounds: This was from Ángela Vázquez, the vocalist; now she is a soloist and premieres a single Si te vas

Vázquez Sounds: This was from Ángela Vázquez, the vocalist; she is now soloist. Photo: Cuartoscuro. In 2011, Angela, Gustavo and Abelardo formed the group Los Vázquez Sounds and rose to fame thanks to the cover they made of the iconic song Rolling In The Deep originally played by Adele, who has surprised by her physical … Read more

It causes cancer… Even a single drop is poisonous, stay away! – Gallery

No matter how healthy you eat, some drinks that you consume during the day and that you think are very innocent can threaten your health to a great extent. It has been revealed that especially high sugar-containing carbonated drinks, fruit juices and even coffee made using cream and sugar significantly increase your risk of developing … Read more

ALZHEIMER’S disease: 1 single scintigraphy to diagnose it

Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, being able to make an early diagnosis can nevertheless significantly help patients, by enabling them to access professional help and support, treatment to manage the symptoms and, also enabling them to plan for the future. Being able to accurately identify patients at an early stage of the … Read more

Version 2 of Redbean, a single file web server that runs on any x86-64 operating system, is available, with new APIs, code completion, and more.

Justine Tunney, developer of Redbean, recently released the latest version (Redbean 2.0) of the web server. Redbean 2.0 features a new APE (Actually Portable Executable) loader that allows the server to run without modifying headers, thus enabling in-memory execution. If the APE is not installed on the system, the shell script header automatically extracts the … Read more