War in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin calls another 150,000 soldiers

War in Ukraine, certainly the arrival of spring will coincide with a further escalation of fighting. For this, Russia is preparing for the worst. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree to kick off spring military conscription which will last from April 1 to July 15. This was reported by the Ria Novosti … Read more

9 US Soldiers Killed When 2 Black Hawk Helicopters Crashed in Kentucky

Washington – Two helicopters Black Hawk belonging to the United States Army (US) accident and crashed in Kentucky. Nine soldiers died in the incident. Reporting from AFP, Thursday (30/3/2023), a spokesman for the 101st Airborne Division, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Hoefler, said the two helicopters crashed during a training mission. The plane belonging to the 101st … Read more

Nine soldiers died in a helicopter crash – Latest news – NRK

30. mars 2023 kl. 15:04 ABC: Nine soldiers died in a helicopter crash All nine on board the two US military helicopters that crashed on Wednesday evening local time have died, reports ABC News. The flights must have been a “routine training mission”, the defense told ABC. The defense reports that those on board must … Read more

2 US Army Black Hawk Helicopters Crash, 9 Soldiers Killed

9 soldiers died in the crash of 2 US Army Black Hawk helicopters in Kentucky. Photos/Illustrations WASHINGTON – A number of officials confirmed that nine Army soldiers United States of America (USA) died in two crash incidents helikopter Black Hawk in Kentucky on Wednesday evening local time. A spokesperson said that identifying information about the … Read more

Losses of Russian manpower reach 172,900 soldiers / Day

According to the data of the general staff, 560 invaders were destroyed during the day. Since the beginning of the repeated invasion on February 24 of last year, the Russians have lost 3,610 tanks, 6,974 armored personnel carriers, 2,671 cannons, 526 multi-charge rocket launchers, 278 anti-aircraft artillery installations, 306 airplanes, 291 helicopters, 2,239 drones, 911 … Read more

Taiwan can be protected if 2,500 Self-Defense Forces and 10,000 US soldiers are sacrificed … Shock simulation over China’s invasion of Taiwan Taiwan’s navy and air force are almost destroyed in a few hours from the start of the war | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

China’s Military Ultimately ‘Overwhelmed by Japanese and US Responses’ Tensions over the Taiwan emergency are rising. Chinese President Xi Jinping has made clear his desire to unify Taiwan, making an armed attack more likely. In the event of an emergency, would Taiwan be able to stand up to China’s People’s Liberation Army and maintain its … Read more

The German and British main tanks arrived in Ukraine and the Russian soldiers exposed the tragic situation: the commander refused to retreat and threatened with death | Russia-Ukraine War | Global

2023-03-29 14:27 World Daily Compilation Center / Comprehensive Report on the 28th In the face of Russian aggression, the main tanks provided by Germany and the United Kingdom are currently arriving in Ukraine one after another. Ukrainian ground forces commander Oleksandr Syrskyi said Ukraine’s goal was to exhaust Russian forces trying to capture the Ukrainian … Read more

Video exposure!Ukrainian army attacks Russian army headquarters in Donetsk, 12 Russian soldiers killed – yqqlm

The Ukrainian army attacked a Russian military headquarters in Donetsk with the High Mobility Multiple Launch Rocket System (HIMARS). (picture taken from twitter) [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continued, the Ukrainian army began to reverse the situation after receiving troops from Western countries. A video was released on Twitter, and it was … Read more

Ukraine, Bakhmut among ruins and soldiers in the trenches: the drone shows what the war front looks like

The Ukrainian military has released some images filmed by the drone that give a very clear idea of ​​the battaglia that is being fought in Bakhmut, the city in the Donetsk oblast that has been under siege for over 7 months. The Reuters agency verified the position of the aerial shots thanks to the murals … Read more

Russia needs hundreds of thousands more troops. The former president announced a new plan

The Russian armed forces should have at least 1.5 million soldiers. Former President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced this in an interview with the TASS agency and other Russian media. Before the war in Ukraine, approximately 1.15 million men and women served in the Russian armed … Read more