If there is no subsidy, the price of fuel will increase by 2 times

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government has finally added an energy subsidy of Rp 380 trillion in 2022. This is to prevent the price of fuel oil (BBM), 3 kg LPG and electricity below 3000 VA from rising. “We want to protect the community, meaning that the people cannot be relied on to take the … Read more

Palm Oil News – Aspectpir’s Request Requests Permit to Export Palm Oil FFB to Malaysia instead of Cans

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The chairman of the DPD I Association of North Sumatran Palm Oil Palm Farmers (Aspek-PIR), Syarifudin Sirait, admitted that he had spoken to all administrators throughout Indonesia so that Aspect-PIR would seek to export fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of palm oil to Malaysia. This was done because the price of palm FFB … Read more

Palm Oil News – Palm Cooking Oil Policy, Impact on April 2022 CPO Export Volume

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The government’s focus on increasing the supply of palm cooking oil in the country has an impact on the quantity of exports of palm oil derivative products from Indonesia in the period of April 2022. Executive Director of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI), Mukti Sardjono, in an official statement received InfoSAWITThursday … Read more

State Budget Surplus Again! Until May 2022 Reach Rp 132 T

Jakarta – The State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) again recorded a surplus in May 2022. The amount is IDR 132.2 trillion or 0.74% of gross domestic product (GDP). “The total balance of our APBN until the end of May (2022) was a surplus of Rp. 132.2 trillion. Compared to last year, we had a … Read more

List of civil servants who will not be given the 13th salary this year

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani establish two groups of Civil Servants (PNS) will not accept 13th salary This year. This provision is contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) Number 75/PMK.05/2022 concerning Technical Guidelines for the Implementation of the Provision of THR and 13th Salaries to State Apparatus, … Read more

RI Congratulations, This Series of Countries Collapsed in Debt

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An increase in the benchmark interest rate at the global level will have a major impact on countries with poor economic prospects. These countries will be abandoned by investors so that it is difficult to obtain financing and reduce the depreciation of the exchange rate. This week, the British central bank … Read more

Sri Mulyani Annoyed that Local Government is “slow”, Regional Funds of Rp 200 Trillion Settled in the Bank

JAKARTAKOMPAS.com – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati again expressed her frustration with the Regional Government (Pemda) because the capital expenditures were too slow. He even said the word “ironic”, because the central government always makes transfers to the regions but the realization of capital expenditures for basic infrastructure development is very minimal. Instead of … Read more

Sri Mulyani is upset that the local government budget runs out for civil servants’ salaries

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani expressed frustration with regional heads from governors to regents. This is related to the regional revenue and expenditure budget (APBD) which is spent the most on paying civil servants salaries (PNS). In fact, what is important for economic growth is capital expenditure. This is because capital … Read more

Sri Mulyani’s Outrage at the Governor: Money Runs Out for Civil Servants

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati said transfers to the regions are something that is quite important to do for strategic spending. One of them is capital expenditure for human resource development and the quality of public services. However, over the last 11 years, there are many regions that spend more … Read more