Don’t Worry! These are 6 habits in the morning that can get rid of a distended stomach, number 3 has many benefits

JOURNAL SOREANG – 6 habits in in the morning who made bloated stomach be flat A distended stomach is one of the complaints of many people at this time, especially for Men. Some even claim to have sport but the fat in the stomach does not disappear. Read Also: Health tips! Facts About Cardio, There … Read more

Mad Man in Madiun tells the chronology of having the Singapore flu until he is in a coma

Jakarta – A man in Madiun admitted that he had the Singapore flu, the symptoms he complained of were swellings filled with fluid all over his body. Initially, this man named Satrio thought that he had smallpox as usual. To, Satrio admitted that he did not know if he contracted the Singapore flu. He … Read more

Detecting the Position of Pain Due to Stomach Acid Rising

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Pain, burning and pain in the chest is one of the many symptoms stomach acid rise that one can feel. Not only burning, stinging also often appears which ends in nausea and vomiting to loss of appetite. However, this pain, stinging and even burning is sometimes unclear and often appears suddenly. … Read more

The security guard was stabbed in the stomach at a nightclub in Vásárosnamény

There was trouble at a nightclub in the Vásárosnamény-Gergelyiugornya resort area. The Vásárosnamény Police Department is conducting criminal proceedings against a 26-year-old resident of Nagykálló due to the well-founded suspicion of committing a crime of serious bodily injury. According to the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters, the man was having fun with his friends at a … Read more

‘Public health emergency in Suriname due to viral stomach flu’

There is currently a public health emergency in Suriname. This is because of viral acute gastroenteritis or stomach flu, an infection of the stomach and intestines, caused by a virus. This poses a great risk, especially for young children. Suriname’s health minister, Amar Ramadhin, calls on parents to be very vigilant when children show symptoms … Read more

Dortmund football player Schulz was supposed to attack his pregnant partner by kicking him in the stomach

The attack was to take place just two weeks before Schulz’s ex-partner Maria Pletz gave birth to a child together. Moreover, the attack should not have been isolated. According to the newspaper Bild, Pletz made several accusations of domestic violence against the footballer, which should have occurred during 2020. The prosecutor confirmed that the German … Read more

6 Symptoms of Stomach Cramps to Watch Out for During Pregnancy, Could Be a Sign of Miscarriage

Jakarta – At the beginning of pregnancy, various changes in the mother’s body begin in preparation for supporting the growth and development of the fetus in the womb. For this reason, it is not surprising that the early trimester is a period that is quite worrying. One of the changes in the body during early … Read more

Twitching stomach during pregnancy, a sign the fetus is getting ready to be born?

Jakarta – Talking about twitching, it turns out that it’s not only experienced by our eyes, you know. Have you ever felt your stomach twitch during pregnancy? If so, it turns out that it is also experienced by many pregnant women, you know. For pregnant women, experiencing a twitching stomach during pregnancy may be a … Read more

Forensic Expert’s Explanation of Brigadier J’s Brain Moving to Stomach in Second Autopsy Page all – Leaked second autopsy results Brigadier J became a discussion for netizens, especially regarding the condition of his brain organs that moved into the stomach. To answer people’s confusion, asked for an explanation from the forensic expert at the Sebelas Maret University Hospital (UNS), Dr. Novianto Adi Nugroho. Novianto said that the process … Read more