Syria Intercepts Israeli Missiles Over Damascus, 4 Soldiers Wounded

loading… DAMASCUS – Air defense Syria managed to intercept and destroy the missile launched by Israel from the direction Lebanon and the Golan Heights towards the capital Damascus. That was the report of the Syrian news agency, SANA. According to the report the Israeli attack injured four soldiers and caused some material loss. “At around … Read more

Myanmar could become new Syria

MANAGER What is happening in Myanmar now has many similarities with what happened in Syria ten years ago. BELIEVE IN VICTORY: Yangon now, is like Damascus in Syria ten years ago. People believed in victory. Photo: AP / NTB view more Manager: This is an editorial from Dagbladet, and expresses the newspaper’s views. Dagbladet’s political … Read more

Khaberni website: Basel Khayat’s surprise appearance sparked controversy

Khabarni – Syrian artist Basil Khayat has undergone a new photo session that shows the spontaneous side of his personality, and published the cover of “GQ” magazine in the Middle East for the month of April under the title “Basil Khayat’s Unwavering Confidence.” Khayat sparked a wave of controversy among his fans, due to his … Read more

ISIS member Shamima Begum caught in line at a “bank” that pays “illegal money”

DAMASCUS, – Female members ISIS Shamima Begum reportedly caught in line at the “paying bank”money illegal “from the family. In the circulating video, Shamima is seen standing with a group of other women at the “hawala” money exchange center in Al-Roj camp, north Syria. Although what Shamima did was not wrong, it is considered … Read more

Russian human rights group with report on Russia’s conduct in Syria

The report to the Memorial and other groups calls on the Russians to wake up and take responsibility for serious Russian abuses in Syria. The report is the first made by Russian human rights activists and touches on a topic that is almost taboo in Russia. It focuses on the victims of Russia’s military operations … Read more

Rawaa Al-Saadi is a dance that prompted her to retire … and the rumor of her marriage to Qais Sheikh Najib forced her to move away.

Prepare​Rawaa Al SaadiOf th actressesSyriaThe few who started their artistic career in childhood.She moved away from the artistic atmosphere and retired from acting, before returning later because she discovered that she loved this profession, and made it clear that her return was not under pressure or nominated by anyone, but rather her desire for art … Read more

[Biografi Tokoh Dunia] President Bashar Al-Assad, heir to brutality in Syria page all – President of Syria now, Bashar al-Assad is the son of the previous president, Hafez al-Assad. He underwent a brutal government inherited from his father. According to, notes biografi Bashar al-Assad, initially did not intend to enter political life, let alone be the president of Syria. However, his father’s insistence changed his thinking. At … Read more

A Saudi-French bank in Syria .. Here are the details

Despite the US Sanctions Act on Syria (Caesar), which prompts many companies and entities to refrain from doing business inside Syria, Saudi Arabia decided to “strengthen” its presence in Damascus through the investment banking portal, specifically “Bemo Saudi Fransi” which owns a large portion Its shares include a Saudi bank. The decision, even if its … Read more

Wazni signed 4 decisions extending tax deadlines

The Minister of Finance in the caretaker government, Ghazi Wazni, signed 4 decisions related to extending tax periods. Until 4/30/2021, the provisions of the following decisions are implicitly extended: – Decision No. 51/1 dated 02/15/2021 regarding the extension of the deadline for submitting the annual declaration of income tax on salaries and wages (5), individual … Read more