“I still have to take the taxi to save money”: the absence of a student rate for the Brupass XL amazes parents on the outskirts of Brussels

Using all public transport in Brussels with a single ticket is possible thanks to the Brupass. Since February 1, 2021, an XL version has also existed to cover an extended perimeter of 11.5 km around the 19 municipalities of the capital. Problem: no preferential rate exists for students in this formula, whereas it is the … Read more

Waiting for AirAsia Online Taxi to Pave in RI

Jakarta – AirAsia Ride will be paved in Indonesia in the near future. This means that ride-hailing services such as online taxis in Indonesia will increase. Well, AirAsia Ride, a company from Malaysia, plans to launch a ride-hailing service in Indonesia starting in November. The online transportation service company owned by Capital A will enter … Read more

In Nuevo León, a woman taxi driver wanted to charge more than what the meter said: video

A woman taxi driver from Nuevo León wanted to charge more than what the meter indicated and ended up shouting profanities at the passenger. Photo: @nuevofosfoleon More than one cabby goes viral in social networks, for different reasons; now in New Lion, a driver why is transport I wanted to charge more of what his … Read more

Ukraine, alarm over Zaporizhzhia is growing. Kiev: ’25 dead at the train station ‘- World

The Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in Ukraine to meet the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and its counterpart Dmytro Kuleba. Meanwhile, you have visited Irpin. the town less than 10 kilometers from the capital. “Here ad Irpin there is a city destroyed, razed to the ground, and in Italy there are still those who deny … Read more

A man shot at young people from a taxi with a rubber bullet gun in Erzsébetváros

The police were called from a fast food restaurant in Erzsébetváros before 2 a.m. on August 7, 2022, because someone – presumably with a rubber bullet gun – shot out one of the windows, writes the police.hu. The bullet punched a hole in the glass, luckily no one was injured. The Budapest Police Headquarters VII. … Read more

Self-driving taxis to come out this year… Unmanned Level 4 taxi service is also available

It is expected that the general public will be able to use the self-driving taxi service as early as this year. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on its website the contents of ‘Application for Permission for Paid Passenger Transportation for Autonomous Driving Vehicles’ so that autonomous driving private companies can operate manned … Read more

Taxi driver killed in New York

On Saturday, Kutin Gyimah was supposed to drop off a group of five people near Rockaway Beach in New York. When the 52-year-old taxi driver allegedly asked for payment from the five passengers, one of them allegedly attacked the taxi driver. Dead suddenly – hailed as a hero Independent writes that the passengers must have … Read more

A Chinese driverless taxi runs at 440 won for 3 km… Korea’s painful reality Jo Ara’s Soft China

[조아라의 소프트차이나 82]“440 won for 3km”… China’s ‘unmanned self-driving taxi’ running on public roadsChina, self-driving data accumulated 32 million km… 4300 times that of KoreaBaidu to launch a self-driving car without a steering wheel worth 48 million won Baidu’s self-driving car, Apollo RT6. photo = Baidu Enter the departure point and destination in the mobile … Read more

Members of a silat college who ganged up on online motorcycle taxi drivers in Blitar were threatened with 7 years in prison

KOMPAS.com – Not long ago, a video showing the beatings by a group of suspected members martial arts school to an online motorcycle taxi driver viral on social media. The incident that occurred in Blitar, East Java, is said to have occurred when members of one of the silat colleges convoyed on motorbikes after the … Read more