PSP detains seven young people for theft next to the Colombo Shopping Center

“The Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP, through the 3rd Police Division, on December 2, 2022, at 6:40 pm, in the parish of Benfica, in Lisbon, proceeded to arrest, in flagrante delicto, seven young people aged 19, 18, 17, 16 and 14 years old, for being suspected of robbery on public roads”, this police force … Read more

Suspects of Banksy graffiti theft arrested in Ukraine | Abroad

The suspects, who were caught in the act, have told the police, according to Ukrainian media, that they want to sell the artwork, which was only discovered last month, to donate the proceeds to the Ukrainian armed forces. The identities of the suspects are not known. Banksy, whose true identity is also unknown, confirmed to … Read more

Fraudsters ripped off pensioners, played on relatives

The first of these gangs of Olaš Roma, mostly originating from Slovakia’s Lučenec, used the well-proven legend “vnuk”. During the conversation, the perpetrators tried to convince pre-selected pensioners, mostly women, that they were their relatives: grandson, granddaughter, nephew, etc., in pure Czech. They claimed that they had, for example, the opportunity to buy a property … Read more

How to request it in case of loss, theft or deterioration?

Around 2021 in Colombia, the entire vaccination process against Covid-19 began and a vaccination card was also issued for each citizen who has undergone due process with the vaccines. Similarly, in At the beginning of 2022, the Ministry of Health ordered the issuance of a digital card that was automatically generated on the MiVacuna platform.and … Read more

They announce a complaint against deputy María Luisa Cordero for linking the PC to drug trafficking and theft of wood | National

The deputies Carmen Hertz, Lorena Pizarro and María Candelaria Acevedo denounced María Luisa Cordero before the civil and military courts, accusing statements by the parliamentarian regarding the Communist Party and her alleged link with drug trafficking and wood theft. A complaint was filed before the civil and military courts against the Deputy Maria Luisa Cordero. … Read more

‘Good afternoon, this is Marleen Otten from your bank.’ Professional gang of bank fraudsters defraud dozens of elderly people throughout North Holland

Jeanine Verhagen Friday, November 25, 2022 at 06:57 Alkmaar “Good afternoon, you are speaking with Marleen Otten from your bank. There is a large amount ready to be transferred from your account. Is that correct?” Dozens of elderly people in North Holland received this call in July and August last year. They could prevent this … Read more

Listen, here are 5 new facts about the death of a family in Kalideres

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Case death of a family in Kalideres, Jakarta, is still a mystery. They are Rudyanto Gunawan (71 years), Renny Margaretha Gunawan (68 years), Dian Febbyana Apsari Dewi (42 years), and Budyanto Gunawan (68 years). Behind the process of investigating this case, there are many facts that the police have found in connection … Read more

The Taliban publicly flogs convicts for adultery, theft and kidnapping

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The Afghan Taliban has begun publicly flogging people accused of committing crimes in Afghanistan, raising fears that the group will return to its strict rule fully. In a statement issued by the Afghan Supreme Court on November 13, the Taliban Supreme Leader ordered the judiciary officials to implement flogging … Read more

Microsoft revealed the release year of Grand Theft Auto 6

Sensational revelations emerge from documents provided by Microsoft and Sony regarding the much-discussed acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. If PlayStation has revealed the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the Redmond giant has apparently revealed the year in which the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI will be released. As you can read in the excerpt below, Microsoft … Read more

Woman suffers the theft of her cell phone and takes revenge against the motorcycle

The subject took the phone from her in the middle of the street, but the driver decided to act quickly to get it back. A woman decided to take revenge on a thief who had stolen her cell phone by running him over in full public thoroughfare Cartagena, Colombia. It is a fact recorded in … Read more