Actor Víctor H. Morant and thousands of families in crisis due to a pandemic

Víctor Hugo Morant, famous for his leading roles in soap operas such as ‘Dejémonos de vainas’ and ‘Don Chinche’, recounted the economic drama that he is experiencing today because of the coronavirus pandemic, and said, in Snail NewsThe same thing happens to singers, musicians, dancers and “everyone who moves in the world of entertainment.” “I … Read more

The City and Microsoft signed an agreement and will train thousands of young people in digital tools | News | Buenos Aires City

With the aim of bringing technology closer to young people, understanding it as a fundamental tool for employability and social inclusion, Soledad Acuña, Minister of Education, José Luis Giusti, Minister of Economic Development and Production, and Fernando López Iervasi, General Manager of Microsoft Argentina, signed a collaboration agreement – for a period of two years … Read more


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Thousands seek a scholarship to continue studying

For many children and young people the only possibility to continue studying is through a scholarship, which is why thousands seek this benefit in government instances. Subscribe to the digital edition of El Sol de Tampico here Only in Nuevo Laredo there are 20 thousand students of different educational levels who made their online registration … Read more

Thousands of Trump supporters cry out in Washington against the electoral result • Hola News

US ELECTIONS Washington, Nov. 14 (EFE) .- Thousands of followers of the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, demonstrated this Saturday in the center of Washington DC to protest against the alleged electoral fraud that they denounce without evidence that has been committed in the elections of the past 3 of November, cheered … Read more

THOUSANDS AD – Esques blizzard

Ref: 372742402 Particular offer – Ski in Mieres (ASTURIAS) Esques brand blizzard 170 v12, for adults. Statistics 13-11-2020 See more statistics Report this ad Sports and nautical Sports in Asturias, Aquagym in Asturias, Athletics in Asturias, Handball in Asturias, Baseball in Asturias, Basketball in Asturias, American football in Asturias, Bicycles in Asturias, BMX bikes in … Read more

Twitch apologizes for removing thousands of videos that used copyrighted music, although it will continue to do so

Hypertextual-Luis Miranda The subject of lto music on Twitch streams it has always caused controversy because of the way the company handles it. Less than a month ago some streamers received notifications of deletion of your videos por DMCA. Behind the annoyance of hundreds of users already several days after the fact, Twitch finally showed … Read more

Thousands of Mendoza without light due to the hail storm

Electrical service was interrupted at various points in the Greater Mendoza as a result of the strong hail storm that occurred in the afternoon. Since Edemsa confirmed technical inconveniences due to falling branches on the line and other inconveniences caused by water and gusts of wind. The reports that reached MDZ reported cuts in different … Read more

Hundreds of thousands of animal viruses are poised to infect humanity

Human activities continue to promote contact between humans and animals, which dangerously increases the risk of the appearance of new pandemic zoonoses, warn biodiversity experts in a recent report. With LéNA, discover the best of European journalism. Through Pauline Fréour (Le Figaro) Posted 11/10/2020 at 09:48 LIn order to see it as a twist of … Read more

Donald Trump: “Tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 PM on Tuesday”

Donald Trump The American President, Donald Trump, He denounced again this Saturday irregularities in the electoral process. Through his Twitter account, he stated that “Tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 PM on Tuesday”, Voting day. According to the head of state, this changed “fully and easily results in Pennsylvania and some … Read more