Silent Action of Thousands of Aremania Paralyzes Jalan Raya Malang in 135 Minutes

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia — Arema FC supporters Aremania roll back demonstration demand expulsion the tragedy of the Chancellor by closing access to the Malang Raya main road, to be precise in the area of ​​the Karanglo Toll Exit entrance, Malang Regency for 135 minutes. Since 12.30 WIB, Aremania has gradually started to come to the … Read more

Thousands of letters to Saint Nicolas found in trash cans behind bpost’s headquarters in Brussels

“We work with an external company for the treatment of waste and confidential documents”, explains spokesperson Veerle Van Mierlo. “We collect our paper containers full of confidential documents from a locked room in the basement. The external company collects these containers there. Normally, they are immediately loaded into a truck, it is important not to … Read more

Prohibited from Retreating from the Battlefield, Thousands of Ukrainian Soldiers Are Deliberately Used as Sacrifices

Thursday, 8 December 2022 – 05:30 WIB VIVA – Central Command of the Armed Forces Ukraine (ZSU) issued a policy whose content was very surprising, Wednesday 7 December 2022. The order contained a prohibition on withdrawing troops from the front lines of battle for any reason. VIVA Military according to a report from the News … Read more

After Aaron Yan sent the TSMC telegram, thousands of people laughed to death: He is indeed a master of plate manipulation | Entertainment | CTWANT

After Aaron Yan posted the TSMC article, there was an earthquake. (Photo/Photographed by Aaron Yan Facebook) “Sacred Mountain of Protecting the Nation” TSMC recently held a relocation ceremony for the US factory, which has aroused the attention of the outside world, and everyone is also worried about whether the technology will be outflowed due to … Read more

How China uses illegal police stations around the world to convince thousands of citizens to return. Portugal will have three – News

The NGO SafeGuard Defenders made public new information about the Chinese informal police stations that have caused a bit of talk throughout Europe. at 54 previously denounced, in September, an additional 48 now appear, making a total of 102 “Chinese police overseas service centers”, spread across 53 countries. While in some parts of the world … Read more

Preventing the Transmission of HIV/AIDS, Thousands of Residents of Class I Detention Center in Tangerang are Screened

Preventing the Transmission of HIV/AID, Thousands of Residents of Class I Detention Center in Tangerang are Screened TANGERANG, POSKOTA.CO.ID – More than a thousand residents of the Class I Penitentiary (WBP) State Prison (Rutan) Tangerang participated in the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) screening in collaboration with the Tangerang District Health Office (Dinkes). In collaboration with … Read more

The snow disaster limited traffic on the D3 highway, thousands of people were without electricity

Updated 11:27, 6/12/2022 6. 12. 2022, 06:54 The snow calamity affected part of the South Bohemian and Central Bohemian regions. The problems are mainly with railway transport, where traffic is suspended on some lines. Several traffic accidents are also reported. Traffic on the D3 highway was stopped in the morning and is currently in a … Read more

Tens of thousands left out in the cold after attack on North Carolina power grid

A North Carolina district has been experiencing chaotic days since power went out across much of the area at 7 p.m. Saturday night. Non-working traffic lights and street lighting caused traffic accidents. Many residents were without drinking water and heating, with temperatures around freezing. On Monday, nearly 40,000 people still had no electricity and schools … Read more

Index – Abroad – Thousands of dead seals washed ashore in Russia

Caspian seals, the only mammals living in the Caspian Sea, have been in the endangered category on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2008. The seals washed ashore off the coast of Russia’s Republic of Dagestan, along the Caspian Sea, the world’s largest landlocked body of water and … Read more

Tens of thousands of dollars and gifts: Amouranth fans spoil the streamer

News culture Tens of thousands of dollars and gifts: Amouranth fans spoil the streamer Published on 06/12/2022 at 13:59 Being a streamer can sometimes be a dream. If we mustn’t forget the sometimes colossal working time necessary for the progress of a good live, there are also sides that seem more relaxing: this is the … Read more