Tech companies lay off hundreds of thousands: Where did laid-off workers go?

Employment in the tech industry has reached an inflection point. To understand how the mood in Silicon Valley has changed in recent months, you only need to look at Mark Zuckerberg’s statement in February that 2023 will be the year of efficiency. You can hardly be enthusiastic about such rhetoric, unless you yourself are the … Read more

Thousands of worshipers at Al-Azhar Mosque from different countries of the world on the ninth night of Ramadan.. Pictures

Loay Ali wrote Thursday, March 30, 2023 09:00 PM The galleries were filled Al-Azhar Mosque Thousands of worshipers from across the governorates of the Republic and from various nationalities representing the continents of the world, to perform the Isha and Tarawih prayers, submissive to God on the ninth nights of the blessed month of Ramadan. … Read more

Pope Francis will soon send thousands of medicines to earthquake-ravaged Turkey

Vatican City: Pope Francis reunites Turkey and Syria, which have not yet recovered from the shock of the earthquake that destroyed everything. The Vatican is working with the Turkish embassy to urgently deliver thousands of medicines here. The Vatican Dicastery for Philanthropic Initiatives revealed that the shipment of the drugs via Turkish Airlines will be … Read more

What Do the Thousands of Mummified Sheep’s Heads Found in Egyptian Temples Look Like? – An American archaeological mission has made an astonishing discovery in the area of ​​the Temple of King Ramses II in Abydos, Egypt. The team found more than 2,000 mummified ram heads dating from the Ptolemaic era. Most of the sheep’s head mummies are also decorated, so that it signifies a votive offering to … Read more

Registration for CPNS 2023 Starting April 1, 7 Agencies, Ministry of Finance Official School Thousands of Formations

MenPAN-RB Abdullah Azwar Anas explained the registration for the 2023 National Civil Service Candidates for the official school route. Photo illustration: Public Relations of KemenPAN-RB – JAKARTA – The government officially opens the acceptance of Candidates for Civil Servants or CPNS 2023 official school route. Amount CPNS 2023 formation the official school route as … Read more

Putin’s move to weaken Prigozhin. Thousands of prisoners are returning from the front

More than five thousand ex-criminals were pardoned after their contracts with Wagner’s mercenary group expired. In the agreements, convicts from Russian prisons undertook to fight for a certain period of time in Ukraine. The news was published on Saturday by the owner of Wagner’s group Yevgeny Prigozhin, he informs agency Reuters. “Currently, more than five … Read more

Russia needs hundreds of thousands more troops. The former president announced a new plan

The Russian armed forces should have at least 1.5 million soldiers. Former President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced this in an interview with the TASS agency and other Russian media. Before the war in Ukraine, approximately 1.15 million men and women served in the Russian armed … Read more

Good news: Thousands of people pick up garbage | PFAS turns out to be biodegradable | inland

25 mrt 2023 om 09:08Update: 2 dagen geleden Due to the bad news that often dominates, the good news can be snowed under. That is why we list positive and cheerful messages. This week: Thousands of people went out to pick up rubbish last weekend, scientists find a way to break down ‘eternal’ chemicals … Read more

Thousands of insufficiently immunized students in Northeastern Ontario

The number of school suspensions for this reason would be three times higher than usual this year, according to Karly McGibbon, nurse for Public Health Sudbury. However, not all regional authorities grant suspensions. Others have chosen not to impose any this year. Many warnings Currently, more than 200 students are not attending face-to-face school in … Read more