China makes history by landing a vehicle on Mars on its first mission

China marked a milestone today in its space race by successfully landing an explorer vehicle on the Martian surface on its first mission to the red planet, something that had only been achieved before, after several attempts, by the US and the extinct USSR, although it was not able to complete. the feat. The explorer … Read more

Electric vehicle production costs will be lower than fuel-engined vehicles within six years-Hong Kong

In order to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment, many countries are working hard to promote the use of electric vehicles. In addition to investing in infrastructure such as building more charging stations, they also encourage oil companies to convert petrol stations into charging stations. For consumers who are planning to buy a new … Read more

Remember there is a blockage at the top, in addition to plate F, the vehicle is asked to turn back

JAKARTA, – Area Peak, Bogor, West Java, is still one of the favorite destinations for citizens of the capital city for a vacation. Even so, there were restrictions on vehicles going there during the homecoming prohibition period which took effect on May 6-17, 2021. Head of Then Head of Bogor Police, Iptu Dicky Pranata, … Read more

Tragically, a young man is killed by being dragged by a car up to 8 km in Lampung, the perpetrator runs away from his vehicle

Report from Reporter Dominius Desmantri Barus TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BANDAR LAMPUNG – Tragic fate befell a young man in Bandar Lampung, he was the victim of a hit and run. The sad thing is, the man whose identity is not yet known was allegedly dragged by the vehicle that hit him up to 8 kilometers from … Read more

Car sales jumped 900%, but Avanza loses prestige

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The domestic auto industry is starting to show signs of recovery. Car sales have continued to grow, supported by the downward trend in loan interest rates, loosening of credit policies, tax incentives, improving consumer confidence and the phenomenon of low-based effects. The four-wheeled vehicle association, the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries … Read more

Motorist dies after collision with a minor vehicle in the Marquesa sector

At around 2:45 p.m. on Sunday, a tragic traffic accident with a fatal balance was reported on Route D-41, near the Marquesa sector, Vicuña commune. According to the information provided by the Carabineros, it was a collision between a minor vehicle and a motorcycle. Upon arriving at the scene, it was verified that the male … Read more

China defends its position on the unpredictable fall of the launch vehicle

A NASA administrator and other officials accused Beijing of reckless behavior when a Chinese launch vehicle, previously launched into orbit by a space station, apparently flew uncontrollably into Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday. According to the Chinese Space Agency, most of the main stage of the 30-meter-long Changzheng 5B missile burned over the territory of the … Read more

Note 5 Provinces Degree Bleaching and Abolition of Vehicle Tax Fines

MOTOR – Note 5 provinces held bleaching and elimination of vehicle tax penalties. Good news for brothers who are still in arrears vehicle tax to date. The problem is that several provincial governments provide bleaching and elimination of vehicle tax penalties, so pay less. Until now, there are 5 provinces that hold bleaching and … Read more

Meet a NASA scientist who landed in the “Perseverance” spacecraft on Mars

Ms. Hindi was the lead systems engineer throughout the development period, as she was the primary means of communication between her team and the rest of the project. Perseverance vehicle on Mars. Source: Twitter News Now | United States of America – gulfnews The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced (NASA) For the ‘Perseverance’ vehicle … Read more

Armed assault on an armored security vehicle: the incredible escape maneuvers of the guard who does not lose his temper between shots and ramming

Security camera footage on the dashboard of an armored car shows two private guards undergoing a armed attack by a group of robbers in South Africa. Leo Prinsloo and Lloyd Mthombeni of the Fortis Group were traveling on the roads of Pretoria when two cars started ramming and hitting the armored car. The cold blood … Read more