Do you know the new obligation to respect in the event of the passage of a priority vehicle?

It is a relatively new obligation on the road and it is very little known. Since October 1, 2020, motorists have been forced to pull over when a siren approaches or face a fine. Failure to comply with this rule complicates the work of the emergency services. Dimitri de Petter is a paramedic at the … Read more

Ford presents a digital platform for its entire vehicle portfolio – PressPerú

Lima.- Ford continues to innovate in the development of differential products and services, increasingly agile and focused on providing superior experiences to its customers. In line with this, the brand presents the Guía360 platform, a digital tool that allows users to explore the functionalities of their SUV, pick-up, hybrid or Performance vehicle in a practical … Read more

Used vehicle test: Škoda Superb Scout – what is the consumption and quality

You certainly know the Škoda Octavia well, at least by sight, because it is by no means the only Škoda model on Czech roads. But what awareness do you have about the Škoda Superb Scout? And would you believe that this 2020 model performed with an outright excellent rating in our test? It is so. … Read more

If the STNK Data is deleted, can the vehicle still be re-registered?

JAKARTA, – Planned deletion policy data registration and identification vehicle disobedient motor tax take effect immediately. Currently, discourse still in the assessment and socialization stage. The number of vehicle owners who have not paid Tax Vehicle Motorized vehicles (PKB), based on data from PT Jasa Raharja, are 40 million vehicles or 39 percent of … Read more

After 2 Years Dead STNK Removed, Vehicle So Stupid Forever

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The National Samsat Authority will enforce regulations that already exist but have never been implemented, namely deleting vehicle registration data that has been registered vehicle registrationwas left to die for two years. After deleting the vehicle data, it cannot be registered again, this has been regulated in the Act. The rules … Read more

Whitening Vehicle Taxes in South Sumatra 2022, Here’s the Flow of Vehicles Outside South Sumatra, Changing Names

TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM, PALEMBANG – The implementation of the whitening program for vehicle tax fines and BBNKB fines in South Sumatra Province has entered its second day. The exemption from the Transfer of Names for Motorized Vehicles can only be enjoyed by vehicles with mutations from outside the Province of South Sumatra. For vehicle mutations, you must … Read more

Montérégie: fatal collision between a vehicle and a 53-foot truck

A motorist succumbed to his injuries on the night of Saturday to Sunday after hitting a 53-foot truck in Saint-Simon-de-Bagot, in Montérégie. The accident took place around 3 a.m. at kilometer 145 of Highway 20, westbound. The driver of the car, a 37-year-old man, died on the spot. He was traveling in the opposite direction … Read more

“You are not our target, it is your vehicle”: when climate activists attack SUVs

“We are The Tire Extinguishers. We will make it impossible to own an SUV in urban areas around the world. For the climate, health, public safety.“On social networks, this group of activists announces the color. They are fighting against SUVs, these vehicles combining a sporty and utilitarian side, which have been gaining popularity in recent … Read more