NASA’s solar sailing vehicle chases a small asteroid after the first launch of Artemis

Illustration of NASA’s NEA Scout with solar sails spreading out as it flies close to an asteroid destination. credit: NASA NEA Scout will visit an asteroid thought to be smaller than a school bus – the smallest asteroid ever studied by a spacecraft. Launched with the Artemis I unmanned test flight, NASA Established in 1958, … Read more

Change the color of the vehicle number plate to white starting in 2022, this is the explanation of the National Police Traffic Corps page all – Motorized Vehicle Number (TNKB) or license plate Individual vehicles which were originally black in color will be replaced with white base colors. This is as referred to Police Regulation (Perpol) Number 7 of 2021 concerning Registration and Identification (Regident) of Motorized Vehicles. Director of Regident Korlantas Polri Brigadier General Yusri Yunus said that … Read more

Vehicle number plates are replaced with white and use chips, this is the reason

Jakarta – The license plate of a private motorized vehicle will be changed from a black base in white writing to a white base in black writing. Mentioned, white number plates will also be implanted chips. What is the purpose? According to the Director of Registration and Identification (Regident) of the Traffic Corps (Korlantas Polri), … Read more

Long-range electric crossover

Dhe supply of all-electric cars is steadily increasing. There is now a choice of more than sixty vehicle models that run exclusively on electricity. One of the most interesting new releases from our point of view is the Kia EV6. 61 European specialist journalists saw it that way and put the Korean full electrician on … Read more

Koenigsegg will manufacture components for Tesla electric vehicle modifications

Californian electric car manufacturer Tesla has joined forces with a world-renowned manufacturer of supersports. Unplugged Performance, California-based Tesla electric car manufacturer, recently announced a partnership with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing to develop carbon aerodynamic accessories for Tesla electric cars. The production of carbon body parts will be provided by Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing, which will manufacture them … Read more

The white plate of the vehicle will be installed with a chip, the police explain its function

Jakarta – The black license plate will be replaced white plate. Not only that, the white plate will also be installed later chip in the form of radio frequency identification (RFID). “Chip It is true that there will be in the future, especially now that it is Revolution 4.0,” said Director General of the National … Read more

OJK Lowers RWA for Electric Vehicle Loans, Buying Motorcycles and Electric Cars with Installment Makes It Easy

JAKARTA, – Financial Fervices Authority (OJK) decided to reduce risk-weighted assets (RWA) for special loans for battery-based electric motor vehicles. RWA is the composition of balance sheet items that have been multiplied by the risk weight percentage of each item itself. Currently, the RWA for vehicles is in the range of 35 percent. Also … Read more

Missing bus driver in Viña: PDI cell phone expertise found in the vehicle

The Investigative Police Homicide Brigade is examining a cell phone found inside the collective taxi that belonged to Juan Gonzalez Farfan, driver who has been missing since last Friday in Viña del Mar, Valparaiso Region. Until now, the ownership of said telephone, which was next to another belonging to the bus driver, is unknown. yasna … Read more

How to Pay Motor Vehicle Taxes Online, Without Having to Go to Samsat All

JAKARTA, – Today, the use of technology for public services is increasingly widespread and integrated. So, there is no need to bother to face to face in dealing with something like tax motor vehicle. Through the digital vehicle tax service application, Samsat National Digital (Signal) developed by Police Traffic Corps, the owner no longer … Read more

An electric vehicle that can fly 160 miles per hour without any emissions

A plane, resembling a satellite dish, has completed its first flight test, which will allow its pilot to fly through the sky at speeds of up to 160 miles per hour, as the ZEVA Aero spacecraft has performed electrical, created by Washington-based Tacoma Corporation, has conducted a series of unmanned flight tests in rural Pierce … Read more