Volkswagen has revolutionized the automotive industry. Launches a new electric model that changes the rules of the game

Five years ago, Volkswagen introduced the concept of reincarnation of the legendary car from the 1960s, which was nicknamed Cucumber. In 2023, he will head for the European market. Volkswagen has finally decided to enter the market for electric commercial vehicles with its minivan electric model. The concept has been ready by the German concern … Read more

New video shows Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric minivan from all angles

In a little over a month, the premiere of one of the first mass-produced electric minivans with a classic body layout should take place – on March 9, Volkswagen will present its ID.Buzz, which, on the way to the conveyor, although it has lost the charm of retro motifs in design, has received a modern … Read more

Volkswagen started pre-production of the ID.Buzz electric van

Volkswagen has started pre-production of the fully electric ID.Buzz van at its factory in Hannover, Germany. Through a teaser video published on their social networks, Volskwagen revealed that pre-production started from the electric heiress of the legendary T1, the ID.Buzz. The process is being carried out at its plant in Hannover, Germany. That said, the … Read more

Partnership between Volkswagen and Bosch for battery cell production systems – –

The Volkswagen Group and the Bosch Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to study the potential creation of a European supplier of battery equipment solutions. The two companies plan to provide battery system and battery cell manufacturers with integrated battery production systems as well as local deployment and maintenance support. They want to become … Read more

Elon Musk and IG Metall: Tesla factory in Grünheide

ACars are produced in both places, but the differences could hardly be greater: at VW in Wolfsburg, IG Metall has an almost fairytale position of power; Something doesn’t suit her, even for the CEO, it quickly becomes a matter of survival. On the other hand, there is now the new Tesla factory east of Berlin … Read more

Volkswagen Baby Tiguan is ready to be a surprise for Indonesia

loading… The Volkswagen Taigun marketed in India is a strong candidate for the Baby Tiguan which will be marketed in Indonesia this year. Photo/IST JAKARTA – PT Garuda Mataram Motor (GMM) will bring mobile SUV compact which is believed to be the younger brother of the Volkswagen Tiguan. The presence of this car will fill … Read more

Volkswagen, Diess: “In Europe it will be almost impossible to say goodbye to endothermic”

In Europe, the farewell to endothermic vehicles “is simply impossible”, he said Herbert Diess, managing director of Volkswagen group as well as a major proponent of the electric car within the automotive sector. Industrial constraints. In an interview of over an hour granted to the podcast by Nilay Patel, director of the technology site The … Read more

The fulfilled requirements of the Volkswagen Group have opened new avenues for Lithuanians

The software developed by the Lithuanian capital technology company Voltas IT has become the world’s first third-party diagnostic equipment that can modify the latest car models by connecting directly to Volkswagen’s servers. The company, which develops innovative solutions for cars and cooperates with the Volkswagen Group, was one of the first to meet the group’s … Read more

The Volkswagen Lamando L has its premiere in China. You can’t buy it anywhere else

The Chinese SAIC Volkswagen is coming up with a new liftback, in which they really cared about the design. The Lamando L will arrive on the MQB Evo platform. What is for the European market Passat and Arteon, it is for the Chinese market now Jetta and Lamando L. Unlike the Jetty, which is built … Read more