Lebanon ships 15 tons of “hazardous” medical waste to France for treatment

Beirut / Wassim Saif Al-Din / Anatolia Lebanon announced, on Tuesday, the shipment of 3 containers containing 15 tons of hazardous medical waste to France for treatment in environmental incinerators that do not exist in the country. This came in a press conference by Minister of Environment Nasser Yassin, during which he supervised the shipment … Read more

Do not let time go to waste “Buriram” sends 4 players to practice martial arts at “Leicester”

On December 1, 2022, the movement after the Thai League entered the first leg break. “Prasat Thunder” Buriram United, the leader of the Hilux Revo Thai League team, which leaves second place “Shark Lakes” Chonburi FC by as much as 9 points, does not waste time. Prepare to send players to fly to join training … Read more

Visit of the French laboratory of Bure, where we test the storage of the most radioactive waste – rts.ch

What should be done with radioactive waste? At present, only the solution of very long-term underground storage is envisaged. The 7:30 p.m. went to France in the laboratory of Bure, in the Meuse (north-east), where one studies the conditions of such storage. It is undoubtedly one of the most strategic sites in the country. More … Read more

Is it worth continuing to waste valuable warehouse space using old-style forklifts? : building.lv

The time when technologies and solutions are “new and promising” may last several years and even decades, but there comes a time when we have to admit – the best known technologies have been surpassed by even better ones that we couldn’t even imagine ten years ago. Rapid changes in recent years have also affected … Read more

Ignitis: Analyzing energy data helps reduce energy waste

Smart energy solutions company Ignitis encourages businesses to analyze electricity consumption data, as it provides opportunities to increase competitiveness. By analyzing the data, it is possible to reduce the waste of energy in the production of products or services, as well as to find ways to create innovations. Energy consumption data can also be analyzed … Read more

This way you reduce your waste

You probably know it. In the back of the fridge you will find half a moldy lemon or a package of cut sausage that smells funny. After eating, scrape a few hundred grams of leftover food from your plate. It all ends up as garbage, just like cheap, mass-produced clothes that wear out very quickly, … Read more

House filled with waste in Seneffe: the situation is changing, the children have a new project to help the “victims”

For Amandine, Thomas and Laetitia, it’s the end of an important first phase. The house of their mother, suffering from diogenes syndrome, had been made completely unsanitary because of the numerous accumulated wastes. After many hours of work, this family home has finally been cleared of all its rubbish. A few weeks agowe bring you … Read more