The best bank cards without commissions and with discounts or returns

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The world of bank cards is a vast universe full of options and possibilities. Although the market offers numerous alternatives, not all of them provide the same advantages. In addition to the debit and credit cards conventional cards, there are more specialized cards that allow make the most of its usefulness. “The choice between one or another type of card will depend largely on the personal and financial objectives of each individual,” they highlight. the experts of the financial comparator

The ideal debit cards generally do not carry issuing or maintenance fees, in addition to allowing cash withdrawals without additional costs at thousands of ATMs. Some of these cards are also especially useful for traveling, since they allow withdraw cash abroad without currency exchange fees. In addition, there are debit cards that offer discounts at gas stations and other types of businesses.

On the other hand, quality credit cards usually include insurance policies to protect against the purchase of defective products and offer travel assistance insurance. However, the most attractive ones incorporate substantial discounts in shops and service stations or refund a percentage of purchases made.

Banks usually prefer that customers use credit cards and to do so they develop products that at first glance can be very attractive. “However, it is important Use caution when taking advantage of deals, as putting off purchases just to get discounts can result in interest that negates the benefits.“, emphasize personal finance experts.

Interest is a fundamental detail in determining whether a credit card is attractive. If the consumer pays the balance in full at the end of each month and does not accrue interest, this factor may be less relevant. But if you decide to split a purchase, it is crucial that the card has low interest rates. Since there are several payment methods, it is important to select the appropriate option for each operation in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

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