The Civil Guard prevents a mob from attacking a group of troublesome young people in Moreda de Aller (Asturias)

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The conflict that has been going on for some time between the residents of Aller’s Moreda and a group of troubled young people It got worse this Saturday with a direct confrontation which ended with the intervention of numerous Civil Guard patrols and agents of the council’s Local Police.

The officers had to intervene when a large number of people sought to attack a group of minors known to police officials at lead to coexistence problems with the residents of the area.

The events occurred around 7:20 p.m. when a person began to rebuke the young people on Conde de Guadalhorce Street, to which a large group of people who were in the town’s leisure area later went. located in the the church square.

After they began shouting against the young people, attack them with slapsthe patrols of the Civil Guard and the Local Police established a protection fence around them to avoid more serious attacks during which a member of the Armed Institute received a blow to the face without consequences.

The situation became tense so the Civil Guard’s Service Operational Center (COS) sent several service patrols to the area but, given the continuous influx of people, at 10:40 p.m. It was decided to transfer the young people to other locations in Asturias in a public transport vehicle.

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