Zelenski invites Trump to Ukraine: "He can’t solve this war"

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The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has extended an invitation to Donald Trump to visit his country and closely observe the war with Russia, while noting that the former US president “cannot resolve” the conflict.

Zelensky made these statements during an interview with the American network NBC, broadcast this Sunday, in which he responded to Trump’s claims that could end the war with Russia in 24 hours.

“Former President Trump mentioned that in about 24 hours he could manage and end the war. What can I say about it? I welcome him to come,” Zelensky said.

In this regard, he stated that he would only need “24 minutes”, instead of 24 hours, to explain to Trump that “he can’t solve this war” as easily as you think.

Zelensky considered that, even if Trump tried, peace is not possible right now due to the position of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. “It cannot bring peace because of Putin,” he remarked.

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