The coalition launches against Guerra and González: the PSOE accuses them of "disloyal" and Add of "sexists" for a comment about Díaz

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The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdan, has responded to yesterday’s criticism from Felipe González and Alfonso Guerra, calling them both “disloyal” and accusing them of “not respecting the majorities” in the party or what is approved in its federal congresses. However, socialist sources do not contemplate in any case proposing disciplinary measures and sanctions against them.

In statements in the halls of Congress, the Number Three of the PSOE has revolted against the attacks of the former president and former vice president of the Government at the presentation of a book, in which they described Pedro Sánchez as a “dissident” for negotiating an amnesty with the Catalan independence movement in exchange for his investiture, renouncing himself himself, in a change of mind compared to what he thought just a few months ago. Likewise, González and Guerra were blunt about the possibility of approving a transfer of these characteristics: “We cannot allow ourselves to be blackmailed by anyone.”

The echo of his words reverberated in Ferraz and in the Socialist Parliamentary Group a day later. Asked about these reproaches, Cerdán has questioned the loyalty of González and Guerra with the PSOE. “Those who do not respect the majorities of the party are disloyal, right?” he pointed out. “In 2016 there was a decision by the militants, which was endorsed in the 39th and 40th Congress of the PSOE and that is the will and word of the Socialist Party,” he concluded.

He Number Three of the PSOE has also stressed that the party’s militants will be able to comment on what is finally agreed upon to achieve an investiture of Pedro Sánchez, thus confirming that any decision or agreement with the independentists will be submitted to the consultation of the socialist bases, although it has not detailed the specific terms of the agreement or when it would be held.

In his statements, Cerdán has indicated that he “respects” what González and Guerra may think or say, but he has insisted that this “is not the decision of the PSOE” and that unlike before, now “the militants can choose.”

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