The prosecutor denies that Tsunami is terrorism and affirms that "no conjecture can be established" on Puigdemont’s intervention

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The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has appealed this Friday against the order that attributes terrorism crimes to Carles Puigdemont and others involved in the movement Democratic Tsunami. The appeal denies this terrorist classification, as well as that the movement can even be considered the result of an organized action. As for the former president and the general secretary of ERC, the accused Marta Rovira, the prosecutor sees no evidence of her participation in any crime.

The document presented by the prosecutor Miguel Ángel Carballo against the judge’s decision Manuel García Castellón maintains that the four years of investigation “have not produced elements that support the existence of a criminal organization or group, nor its terrorist nature, which is what would justify the jurisdiction of the National Court.” Thus, he asks the Criminal Chamber of the Court to revoke the order and order the sending of the case to the courts of Catalonia.

The appeal comes after last July another prosecutor who replaced the one in charge of the case argued the opposite: that there were signs of terrorism and the matter should remain in the National Court. Later the chief prosecutor of the court, Jesus Alonsowho had endorsed that letter detecting terrorism, assured that it had been “a mistake.”

The only truly criminal acts that the prosecutor detects are the blocking of the Prat airport yy of the border crossing La Junquera, “constituting serious public disorders, after the repeal of sedition.” Regarding the “very serious incidents” in Barcelona, ​​with injuries and material damage, he indicates that “no trace of incitement or planning by those investigated is found in the proceedings.”

The appeal minimizes the actions of the platform whose slogans in 2019 marked the protests against the sentence of the process. “Tsunami Democràtic, as far as has been proven in the procedure, is nothing more than a Twitter profile and in its most advanced phase of the events, an app,” the prosecutor goes so far as to say, who also describes the movement like, “at most […] a hook flag for various activities, some of a criminal nature”.

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