This is Troya, Duki’s new song: lyrics and video

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Duki He launched Troy in the early hours of Thursday, September 21 to Friday, September 22 in Spain. This is a new single with which he completes the tracklist of Before America, the album he published on June 22. The video clip exceeds 2 million views on YouTube and remains on the platform’s music trends list.

The Argentinian presents a trap style song, which has been composed and produced by Francisco Zecca. The performer also appears as the author in the credits with his real name, Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo.

The artist talks about his strength, the love he receives from his surroundings and the virtues of his family. “I have the love of my people, the courage of my mother, the magic that has always existed, the calm of my father. I show that I am strong if Troy is burning. They say they are tigueres, but they are cowards”, indicates the chorus. The stanzas include mentions of Tony Hawk, Tony Stark y Mel Gibson.

The video of Troy shows to Duki in a spectacular landscape with snow-capped mountains. The singer appears burning some of his previous works on a bonfire and drinking from a bottle. The surprise comes at the end of the piece, when you can see how a meteorite falls from the sky.

The clip is made of Facundo Ballve, a director who had already worked with the musician on other occasions. He was responsible for the images that accompany Do n’t Lie, his collaboration with Quevedoand Harakiri, his song with C.R.O. These two songs are included on the album Before Americawhere the singles are also collected Apollo 13 y Rockstar 2.0. The star will visit Spain to give a concert on June 8, 2024, the day he will perform at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid.

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