Ukraine begins peace talks in Saudi Arabia without the participation of Russia

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Ukraine has confirmed the start of talks in Saudi Arabia in August, with the intervention of international representatives, who according to Kiev they are aimed at restoring a “just peace” according to the Ukrainian formula.

“Ukraine’s peace formula contains 10 fundamental points that, in addition to guaranteeing peace for Ukrainethey will create mechanisms to counteract future conflicts,” said the spokesman for the presidential office, Andriy Yermak, according to the portal UKrinform. President Volodimir Zelensky’s spokesman was convinced that “the Ukrainian peace plan should be taken as a basis” to add that “we try to take into account opinions and positions that do not contradict the UN Charter.”

For kyiv, this formula contemplates the withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory. The newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) advanced on Saturday that Saudi Arabia It was scheduled to host peace talks on Ukraine between kyiv, Western countries and developing world powers such as Brazil and India, but without Russia, in early August.

The appointment is scheduled for August 5 and 6 and, according to newspaper sources, will meet in the city of yeda to senior managers up to 30 countries.

According to Western diplomats quoted by the newspaper, the hope is that these talks could culminate in a peace summit this year, in which international leaders would endorse common principles to resolve the war in Ukraine, which, in turn, could serve as a basis for for negotiations between Kiev and Moscow more favorable for Ukrainians

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