Ukraine-Russia war, last minute | Russia deploys MiG-31 fighters in Crimea despite the risk of Ukrainian attacks

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Although it has temporarily gone into the background, nothing indicates that an end is in sight for the war in Ukraine. In recent days, according to kyiv, Russia’s offensive on Avdiivka, in the province of Donetsk, has slowed down, but both sides continue to exchange air attacks.

This Saturday it has been confirmed andThe deployment of Russian MIG-31 fighters in Crimea, that would be destined to patrol the Black Sea. The problem for Moscow is that this unilaterally annexed peninsula has already been hit by attacks from kyiv and is vulnerable to long-range missiles, such as the ATACMS that the US has supplied to Zelensky.

From Russia, meanwhile, it is confirmed the replacement of General Surovikin at the head of the Aerospace Forces. At the time he was considered close to Prigozhin, the owner of the Wagner militia who, after an aborted mutiny against Putin, died in an unexplained plane crash.

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