Urkullu takes advantage of the doors opened by Sánchez in Catalonia to ask for multinationality and the right to decide

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Self-determination, referendum, self-government, powers, federal… are concepts that are gaining more and more prominence in the political debate and the public agenda. The fact that the governance of spain has been, and will be again, in the hands of the Catalan and Basque nationalists makes the questioning of the State model a bottle of soda that the independentistas shake with the purpose of making it overflow. Pedro Sánchez depends on the support of PNV and Bildu, ERC and Junts. And his demands to allow the investiture pass through the borders that delimit the constitutional framework.

The fact that the Government has opened the door and undertakes to study “formulas” on the amnesty, in search of a constitutional framework that allows penal relief for those involved in 1-O, has spurred the other pillar that supports the table on the one that Sánchez should govern: the Basque nationalists.

“Dialogue is the method, the Constitution is the framework. We have to continue on that path of working for coexistence. The PSOE and I will be there. It is not for me to say what is or is not constitutional, fortunately we have the constitutional Court (TC)”, Sánchez responded 10 days ago when he was expressly questioned about whether the amnesty was included in the Constitution.

No socialist position or spokesperson now defends that it does not have a fit, as they did until a few months ago, trying to throw balls out. They hide behind the “discretion” of the negotiations and refer to leaving forgiveness to those involved in the process in the hands of the CT. Although the political decision is yours.

A few weeks ago, Bildu already warned of his intention to promote “the right to decide” of the Basque Country in the next legislature. This was confirmed by the head of the list of EH Bildu to Congress for Guipúzcoa, Mertxe Aizpurua: «We must put the right to decide on the table». A warning to take into account, not only on Sánchez’s radar, but also on that of the PNV.

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