War Ukraine – Russia, last minute | A Ukrainian officer affirms that French armored vehicles are "inappropriate" for the attack

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hours after the visit Pedro Sanchez a Kiev, Russia has launched a new night attack on the Ukrainian capital 12 days after the last one. A Ukrainian official has reported that Moscow has attacked with drones and that the air defense systems preliminarily destroyed all the targets on their approach.

In the attack, the Russian army launched eight Iranian-made Shahed drones and three cruise missiles they were shot down. Three private houses were damaged as a result of falling debrisinjuring a person.

In addition, a Ukrainian official who has been contacted by the AFP agency has assured that AMX-10 RC tanks delivered by France to Ukraine and currently used in the kyiv counteroffensive they are not suitable for front line attacks.

They are used for supporting fire, due to their light armour. Their weaponry is good, their observation instruments are very good. But unfortunately, it is a light armor, which makes them unsuitable (to attack)”, says the commander Spartanets (Spartan), his pseudonym, a member of a battalion of the 37th Naval Infantry Brigade, currently deployed in the Donetsk region.

For its part, Russia denounced that in the last 24 hours Ukrainian troops launched about 70 shell and mortar mines over the Belgorod regionbordering Ukraine, without causing casualties.

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