Yoheved Lifshitz, an elderly Israeli woman after the Hamas kidnapping: "I went through hell"

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Hours after being released along with her friend and neighbor Nurit Cooper (79) and passing the relevant tests at the Ijilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Yoheved Lifshitz (85) appeared before the press to reveal the moment of the kidnapping, the place of hiding place and the treatment received by the Islamist group Hamas.

“I’m going to tell you the truth, I went through hell. We did not imagine nor did we know how to get to this situation“Lifshitz said before explaining, with difficulty but in detail, the attack on the morning of the 7-0 at Kibbutz Nir Oz and what happened afterwards. The national but also personal “Black Saturday” for this woman who still has to her husband, the pacifist Oded Lifshitz (83) among the more than 200 kidnappedincluding 30 children, in the hands of Hamas.

“(The terrorists) acted like crazy in our kibbutz. They kidnapped me and threw me down on a motorcycle that went at full speed through the plowed fields. My feet on one side and my head on the other. We reached the border and they exploded the electronic fence that cost 2.5 billion dollars but was of no use,” he recalled without hiding his discomfort at the enormous security negligence of his country that failed to prevent the massive penetration of the troops of the armed wing of Hamas. .

Lifshitz continues his story from his wheelchair in Tel Aviv. “A crowd attacked our houses. They beat people and kidnapped others like me. They didn’t care if we were young or old. They took us to a hole-entrance of tunnels, “he explained her about a path in which not only did they steal his watch:” They beat me with sticks. “They didn’t break my ribs but it hurt a lot in that area and it was difficult for me to breathe.”

“We went several kilometers on wet ground in the tunnels. There is a huge network of tunnels. It looks like a spider web. It was all very wet. We arrived at a large room where about 25 people were gathered.. Two or three hours later, they separated the members of the kibbutz,” he added, saying that they were accompanied by guards and a paramedic while a doctor visited them every two or three days, who gave them the same or similar medicine as in Israel.

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