Man arrested after threatening to detonate explosive in central Warsaw

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An individual who had climbed the monument to the victims of the air disaster Smolenskin the center of Warsawand threatened to blow himself up, has been arrested, as confirmed by the police in the Polish capital.

After approximately two and a half hours, a police negotiator He managed to convince the individual, whose motives are still unknown, to get off the monument in Pilsudski Square.

The bomb squads are examining the backpack and an unidentified object that the man was carrying to determine if he really had an explosive device.

Images of an individual had been spread on social networks black dress and with part of his face covered with a balaclava, standing on top of the ladder-shaped monument and with a backpack between his legs.

As part of the police operation, Pilsudski Square and adjacent streets were cordoned off and citizens were asked to avoid the area.

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