Corona overview Canton VS – The meal service works thanks to many volunteers – News

The Federal Council does not want to quarantine Verbier, even if doctors refer to Verbier as a large “focus of infection”. The community is calm. Because they did not adhere to the measures, there were 17 complaints against shops, public companies or private individuals over the weekend. As many beds as possible should be available … Read more

Wall Street Rises to Mid-Session After Capitol Pact on Colossal Stimulus Package | Economy

Wall Street sign in New York. Wall Street celebrates in moderation on Wednesday the agreement of the largest economic rescue plan in the history of the United States agreed by the White House and the Senate to cushion the effects of the coronavirus. In the middle session session, the Dow Jones Industrial advanced 4.2%, while … Read more

What is Zoom, the most wanted application in forty …

Before the quarantine imposed in Argentina and many countries in the world by the coronavirus pandemicTeleworking and online conferences began to gain popularity, both for work issues and to maintain family ties in isolation. The need to maintain the connection generated the fury of various applications that allow virtual communication in audiovisual format. The most … Read more

Corona Bayern: Sudden increase in cases in Munich – Söder can now oblige everyone by law

The corona virus continues to spread. Prime Minister Markus Söder reported on the current status on Tuesday. Hubert Aiwanger promises quick help. Update, 5.48 p.m .: The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder will be in the ProSiebenProgram “Germany asks about Corona”. We to report in the live ticker about the program. Coronavirus: Universities in Bavaria … Read more

Tobi promises: “Celebs under the palm” cast is explosive – Celeb flash

Tobi promises: “Celebs under the palm trees” cast is explosive Promiflash Janine Pink drops the covers in Playboy VOL.AT – Vorarlberg Online Celebrities under palm trees: This is how Ronald Schill lives with Corona in Brazil BILD “Celebrities under palm trees”: Here we explain the latest TV trash “Celebrities under palm trees”: “Richter Gnadenlos” … Read more

Apple’s Safari web browser blocks third party cookies by default NOW

Safari, Apple’s web browser, will block all third-party cookies by default. If the browser is updated to the latest version, advertisers will no longer be able to track users’ Internet activity. Apple released an update on Tuesday evening for Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), the privacy feature of the web browser. This update is available … Read more