Chen Xiaojun’s reply to the comment has caused controversy, and it is suspected that Yang Mi’s acting skills are connoted. This is not the first time she has overturned.

Original title: Chen Xiaoyun’s reply to the comment caused controversy, suspected of connotation Yang Mi acting, this is not the first time she has overturned Here, get up early with me every day, stick to one thing together, and discover a different life! The costume TV series “Madam Hu Zhu” starring popular big flower Yang … Read more

The boss of Mercedes is losing patience: No more acting gloves

This year’s title battle is increasingly controversial. The weekend in Brazil once again confirmed how well the representatives of Mercedes and Red Bull are going after each other. This is why Wolff tells his opponents that from now on there will be no more gloves. Tags: Mercedes Don’t miss it Red Bull Toto Wolff Published … Read more

Show strong spirits! “Min Peeya” dedicated to acting, carefree, beautiful, making a bald effect. with a gang of friends

Thursday, November 11, 2021, 11:30 a.m. It’s getting closer and closer to seeing each other for a heartwarming movie that will make every heart smile. In which the film will tell the story of young lettuce, a young lady, whose life pushes together to find things that are broken at the same time, whether they … Read more

Suleiman Eid: I applied to 12 girls and were of them because of acting

Hosted the “Sahranin” program presented by the artist Amir Karara, and broadcast on the channel ONThe artist Salah Abdullah, the artist Suleiman Eid and the singer Nouran Abu Talib, who presented lyrical paragraphs during the episode. During the episode, Suleiman Eid revealed that after graduating from the institute, he searched for a bride, and he … Read more

The CIA director was acting in Russia at a time of Russian troops concentrating on the border with Ukraine

“Russia is constantly taking a relatively aggressive stance, currently around 90,000 people are deployed around the borders and in the temporarily occupied territories (Ukraine),” said Anna Maljarová, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that Russian troops in the area took part in several large exercises, in which … Read more

acting again? Cyberpunk 2077 Free DLC Coming to 2022

▲ Cyberpunk 2077 update and free DLC have been postponed to next year (photo source: Cyberpunk 2077 official website) Cyberpunk 2077’s update and free DLC, which were scheduled to be released later this year, has been delayed until next year. On the 28th, CD Project Red (hereafter CDPR) updated the game-related roadmap through the Cyberpunk … Read more

Comprehensive Kim Seon-ho Even if it’s all acting… Testimony from staff close to Gaetcha

Enter 2021.10.28 10:37 Edit 2021.10.28 14:09 Kim Seon-ho, Private Life → Personality Controversy ContinuestvN ‘gatcha’ staff story revealed“I want to help too” /Photo = Kim Seon-ho’s Instagram Following his personal life, a new testimony of actor Kim Seon-ho, who was engulfed in personality controversy, was released. On the 27th, an article presumed to have been … Read more

Did Guty Carrera and Tula Rodríguez kiss passionately in acting challenge?

Guty Carrera did not manage to finish the love scene with a kiss with Tula Rodríguez and they only managed to hug each other and out of shame, the driver ran off the set. The unexpected scene occurred in front of the photograph of Guty’s girlfriend, Brenda Zambrano. .

Valda Bičkute – 41: motherhood, love of theater and radically changed hairstyles | Names

On October 25, Valda Bičkutė could blow another candle from her birthday cake – she turned 41 years old. Still a film, theater and television actress for the portal 15min said he did not celebrate the occasion by celebrating the anniversary among the people closest to him. “I welcomed my birthday in complete peace,” she … Read more

In the video – an acting rape scene turns into reality with an agreement between the director and the hero, and thus came the victim’s heroine’s reaction!

The late Maria Schneider told the British newspaper the Daily Mail in 2007 that “the scene did not exist in the original script and it was Brando who came up with the idea, but she was told that the scene was only acting.” And she added, “I was very angry, because I was forced to … Read more