You will not believe who is the daughter of Gamal Abdel Nasser? .. A famous actress who entered the world of acting through its wide door!

2022/06/24 12:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite It has been noticed in the recent period that a number of young artists have appeared. We discover that they are the sons of famous artists, including the artist Yasmine Gamal, who started her artistic career since childhood through the series Al-Sayeda Umm Kulthum. The able artist … Read more

I couldn’t even save the female lead… TEN Starfield on the cutting edge of the idol’s reunion acting skills

《Tae Yuna’s Hear Bodpo》‘Welcome’ Park Hye-eun → Jung So-min Yeo-ju replacementIdol + rookie combination, acting skills are ‘well’ ‘Welcome’ poster./Photo courtesy of tvN 《Tae Yuna’s Hear Bodpo》 Based on the facts heard and seen by reporter Taeyuna and Tenasia on the spot, we will properly reveal aspects of the drama. We will become the eyes … Read more

Aon, a mining boss from Koba, becomes the head of the illegal tin mining task force formed by the acting governor, what is his job?

BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA – Entrepreneur from Koba, Central Bangka, Thamron alias Aon appointed as the Bangka Belitung Illegal Tin Mining Task Force. Who Aon? Aon is known as an entrepreneur in the mining and plantation sector in Central Bangka. Citing the website of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia, Thamron alias Aon He … Read more

I said it is like this acting and I sat hysterically on the bed and the director didn’t care and continued filming!!

You are now following the news of a famous Egyptian artist who narrates the scene of her hot intercourse: I said this is the acting and I sat hysterically on the bed and the director did not care and continued filming!! And now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – A charming Egyptian … Read more

Ilham Shaheen boldly admits to the moral concessions she made to directors and producers at the beginning of her career to enter the world of acting.. and this is more than he took advantage of and took from her everything he wanted and more!

The artist, Ilham Shaheen, confirmed that she did not change her principles and did not make concessions to maintain her position in the artistic community, and did not change her opinion of dancing, especially that she presented a large number of plays, most of which depended on dance: . Elham Shaheen said that she measures … Read more

Bradley Cooper reveals he was going to quit acting because of his cocaine addiction

Bradley Cooper He thought about leaving acting when his life became chaotic due to addictions, specifically with cocaine, as revealed by the 47-year-old actor in an American podcast called Smartless. The interpreter of “A star is born” admitted with the podcast hosts that in the mid-2000s he was really in a crisis: “I was very … Read more

Messi… from football to the world of acting!

Argentine international star “Lionel Messi” decided to take a new experience in his life by agreeing to participate in a television work through his country’s national television. According to the British newspaper, The Sun, the current Paris Saint-Germain player participated in the second part of the series “The Protectors”, part of which was filmed in … Read more

This is the movie that Mona Zaki disavowed because of this actor.. What he did to her behind the scenes and with all the boldness made her hate acting!

2022/06/13 It’s 01:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Many artists who have repudiated some of their artworks in the cinema, and the retired artist Mayar Al-Beblawy repudiated her work, and collapsed on the air, on the seventh Sama program, and said: I do not want to remember my black history … kiss your hands. … Read more

Christian Meier to Tula Rodríguez after giving her acting classes in the past: “You are my best student” RMMN | SHOWS

Christian Meier remembered that he was the acting teacher of tula rodriguezduring an interview for ‘On everyone’s lips’, where he boasted of having taught the former dancer the techniques of this art. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: Aldo Miyashiro went to the theater to see Érika Villalobos in her musical: “A Beautiful Appearance” “Everything that is … Read more

You would not expect who this sad girl is.. She grew up and became a big star and entered the world of acting from its widest doors and got married 15 times!!

2022/06/11 It’s 06:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Art accounts interested in art and celebrity news re-circulated a picture of an Egyptian artist in her childhood. The artist, Ghada Abdel Razzaq, had previously published the photo, Ghada, through her account on “Instagram” and commented on it by saying: “I am very young.” Ghada began … Read more