Ammunition Explosion Rocks Russia, 3 Soldiers Killed-16 Wounded

Belgorod – A ammunition explosion rocked the region Belgorod Of Russiawhich is located near the border Ukraine. At least three soldiers were killed and 16 others injured. As reported Reuters, Monday (16/1/2023), Russian news agencies reported that the explosion took place in a cultural center converted by the Russian Armed Forces to store ammunition. It … Read more

Shelling of Zaporozhye – the Russians used prohibited ammunition

As a result of an enemy strike, some premises were damaged. The enemy used prohibited ammunition during the shelling of Zaporozhye / photo On the night of Sunday, January 8, the Russian invaders attacked the southern outskirts of Zaporozhye, using cluster munitions. Warehouses and other auxiliary premises were damaged as a result of the … Read more

War material found after wall collapse in Resende

Two war ammunition were found, Monday, on a wall that had fallen, the day before, due to the storm, in Lagares, parish of São Cipriano, in the municipality of Resende. The material was found by workers from the local Parish Council when they were carrying out repair work on the structure. According to the president … Read more

PSP seized 18 firearms and more than 600 ammunition in Amadora

R.P. December 28, 2022 at 3:15 pm The PSP arrested three men and seized 18 firearms and 609 ammunition, this Wednesday morning, in the Zambujal district, in Amadora. More than a hundred agents of criminal investigation, public order and the Special Police Unit participated in the operation. The investigations began around 5:00 am, with 20 … Read more

Brussels police catches Belgian soldiers with stolen war ammunition: “Defence will come up with an appropriate and clear sanction”

© VUM Two Belgian soldiers were caught by the Brussels police last Saturday with war ammunition that may have been stolen from the army. The Brussels court is investigating this new case with which Defense is once again bored. Because after the Jürgen Conings case, the army top had announced that a lot of measures … Read more

Fill up with ammunition! Mr. Dan grabbed ‘Nurul’ to strengthen the edge.

Fill up with ammunition! Mr. Dan grabbed ‘Nurul’ to strengthen the edge. “Sing Nai Dan” grabbed Nurul Sriyangem, a high-speed striker from Port FC, to enhance the offensive game. The first deal in strengthening the army to fight the second leg battle Custom United, the 8th team in the M-150 Championship 2022-2023, introduces Nurul Sriyangem, … Read more

The discovery under the seat of the Volvo XC 70 became a pain in the ass for the new buyer of the car

December 20 7:00 p.m. Šiauliai, Lyros St., male, born In a Volvo XC 70 car bought in 1994, under the driver’s seat, they found 5 cartridges that they do not have a permit to store, Šiauliai County Police announced on Wednesday. The officers, in accordance with the established procedure, began the investigation provided for in … Read more

[Frank Masuzoe]It is too early to expect “Russia’s defeat” in the Ukrainian war Putin’s defection plan and ammunition depletion rumors flow, but Russia’s ability to continue fighting should not be underestimated (1/5) | JBpress (JBpress)

Putin’s defection plan and ammunition depletion rumors are circulating, but Russia’s ability to continue fighting should not be underestimated Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a video conference in Moscow on Dec. 15 (Photo: Representative Photo/Reuters/Aflo) Go to gallery page (Yoichi Masuzoe: Scholar of International Politics) The new year is just two weeks away and the … Read more

Is Russia running out of ammunition? The expert has no doubts: the wardrobe is empty

Let me tell Putin tonight what his generals and ministers are probably too scared to say: that Russia is facing a critical shortage of artillery ammunition. This means that its ability to conduct effective offensive ground operations is rapidly declining, Radakin said in a speech delivered on Wednesday to the UK’s leading defense and security … Read more