Residents from Deelen furious about possible arrival asylum seekers’ center: ‘An unfortunate idea, we foresee major problems’ | Ede

Residents are furious. But what can they do with so few people? “It feels like we are not being taken seriously”, says Evyta Hoogkamp. Together with her husband Anne, she has a cherry stall, directly opposite the entrance to the Kop van Deelen. “Now we are still being talked to and we will see if … Read more

Faro Airport was not prepared for the arrival of the British

Erika Nunes Today at 20:59, updated at 21:53 Hundreds of people were desperate this Wednesday for passport control. Passenger growth after opening the air corridor was 190%, explained the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF). “SEF working with two collaborators for this torrent of people! Did we really want the tourist corridor open for this?”, denounced … Read more

Video games: Pokémon GO: Mega Evolutions already have an arrival date the game d

Updated 08/26/2020 at 4:18 PM The universe of Pokémon It is much bigger than you expect. This saga has not only grown with the anime, but the games already have exclusive details such as Pokémon Sword and Shield. Remember that Pokémon GO it was the title that introduced Meltan to the franchise, but it also … Read more

Nvidia confirms arrival of 12-pin connector for power supply of video cards – Computer – News

In a video about video card designs and possible improvements, Nvidia has confirmed the arrival of a 12-pin connector for powering video cards. The arrival of such a connector was already expected after Seasonic, among others, showed a 12-pin power cable. The video shows, among other things, a design drawing of a 12-pin power connector. … Read more

Hurricane Laura: these are the recommendations to follow before your arrival

Although it is estimated that the hurricane will not make landfall and will continue its course through the United States, the authorities recommend extreme precautions (Photo: Special)The population of Yucatan and Quintana Roo must be prepared before the passage of Hurricane Laura, since during its journey it will cause heavy rains, wind and waves of … Read more

Videogames: Fall Guys: more details of its arrival on Android and iOS mobiles

Updated 08/22/2020 at 7:02 PM Fall Guys It is the game of the moment. Just a few days ago, we shared the report of the impressive numbers that this Battle Royale has made on Twitch: it has surpassed League of League of Legends in hours of viewing. Well, as a result of this great success, … Read more

Official, Manchester United Goalkeeper Solskjaer’s Arrival

TWITTER.COM/TOFNEWS Manchester United’s young goalkeeper, Dean Henderson, is currently on loan at Sheffield United. BOLASPORT.COM – Kiper Sheffield United, Dean Henderson bid farewell to his club and will soon return from his loan spell to Manchester United on Wednesday (19/8/2020). Sheffield United simultaneously announced the transfer of Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale as their number one … Read more

The arrival of the unleashed PSG players at their hotel

It’s party time for Paris Saint-Germain! Just qualified for the Champions League final after his victory against RB Leipzig (3-0), the club of the capital will be able to celebrate this moment of history in the hotel it occupies in Lisbon. And the atmosphere promises to be crazy. Following after this advertisement As you can … Read more

Rooney Mara, soon the arrival of her first baby with Joaquin Phoenix

The actress appeared during a low-key outing in Los Angeles. In a few weeks, Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix will become parents for the first time. The pregnancy of the 35-year-old actress had been revealed in May by the American press. Since then, it is on rare occasions that the couple, known for their modesty … Read more

COVID-19: A study reveals the order of arrival of symptoms

We know the symptoms of COVID-19, but in what order do they appear? Californian researchers are answering this question in the hope of enlightening the public, but also the medical community. Typically, a person who catches the coronavirus will start with a fever. Then the cough and muscle pain will begin. Nausea and / or … Read more