The ace on offense | Champions League

If one player was waiting for Quimsa for his return, it was Brandon Robinson. The guard shone in the last National League, it was one of the keys by which the Santiago came to be first and made a final in the Final Four in Comodoro. In addition to being a standard in the start … Read more

the miracle of learning to speak and the arrival of Jon Stewart

It’s Friday again, and seeing that the sanitation restrictions are going to make us stay at home again, it’s time to see what’s new on Apple TV + for this week counting premieres and news for future content. You can see that Apple dedicates investment, because the new signings are of great stature. Let’s take a look.

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Pokémon Café Mix advances the arrival of Gengar as a special client – Nintenderos

We bring you a small compilation of the news that has been confirmed today for this application for mobiles and Switch. It’s about the events that are already on their way to Pokémon Café Mix. We are talking specifically about an image that has caused a sensation among fans. This advances the arrival of a … Read more

Apple to hold sessions to help developers prepare for the arrival of Apple Silicon

First official movements prior to the launch of the first Mac with Apple Silicon chip. The Cupertino Company has sent invitations like the one you can see in the header image to various developers, proposing them remote consulting sessions with Apple engineers to help you prepare your applications and be ready when the transition begins.

The developers who have received this invitation are those who have participated in the Universal Quick Start Program, which includes a Mac mini with the A12Z chip from the iPad Pro and whose performance tests promise. The advisory sessions will be held in individual meetings for each developer on November 4 and 5.

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They issue warning about the possible arrival of cyclone Zeta in the US Gulf Coast

Cyclone Zeta heads to the United States (Photo: NHC) Faced with the possibility that Tropical Storm Zeta could once again become a hurricane and impact the Gulf Coast, Florida authorities have issued a warning so that citizens are alert. Forecasts indicate that the storm could affect the Western Panhandle area as a hurricane with heavy … Read more

Nintendo leads sales in Japan within weeks of arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X Video

The scenario of Japan in recent weeks, for a generational change in the video game, it is very interesting. A few weeks after the premiere of the new PS5 Y Xbox Series XIn Japan, sales are still led by Nintendo and its star games. In physical games, in Japan, the absolute leader was Animal Crossing: … Read more

Xbox Germany anticipates the arrival of Xbox Series X “Papercraft Edition”

There are times when Xbox divisions from different countries surprise us with amazing proposals for marketing that challenge ingenuity and originality. Well this time the “Funny on duty” It has been Xbox Germany, who have taken advantage of the near launch of Xbox Series X to launch a campaign at least original. While you will … Read more

Welfare informs the arrival of Credit cards to the Word to taxi drivers and musicians of Tlaxcala

Tlaxcala, Tlax., to October 23, 2020 (Editorial Office) .- The Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Welfare in Tlaxcala, will deliver in an extraordinary way, 611 new Credits to the Word for musicians and taxi drivers, who requested support days before, given the economic damage they suffered due to the pandemic. As part of … Read more

Pyongyang warns embassies of the arrival of a coronavirus dust storm

Asia and Oceania 07:59 GMT 22.10.2020(updated at 08:13 GMT 22.10.2020) Short url Sputnik Mundo Sputnik MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The North Korean Foreign Ministry has warned embassies and representations of international organizations of the arrival of a dust storm capable of bringing the coronavirus to the territory of the Juche State, reported … Read more

Microsoft announces Azure’s arrival in space

An interesting news presented this Tuesday, October 20 Microsoft, as it announced Azure Space, a platform that aims to develop cloud capabilities in space to streamline ground tasks in various industries. Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President of Azure GlobalHe commented that, “Microsoft is taking the next giant leap in cloud computing into space. I am … Read more