Listen – Linda Leen presents the song “Blue Monday” saturated with post-Christmas melancholy

The author of the words and music is Linda Leen, but the sound design of the single has been created by the musician together with guitarist Miķelis Putniņš, drummer Krišjānis Bremšs, bassist Kristianas Priekulis and producer Arni Račinski. Linda Leen says: “In this creative phase, I have worked mostly in chamber ensembles, solo on the … Read more

Silver and bronze blue in swimming, Fognini in the round of 16 in the tennis tournament

Immediately out of the Olympics, however, Fabio Basile, gold of judo in Rio, passed the category and defeated in the first round by the Korean An Changrim. Nothing to do even for Asia Lanzi, who was the only blue in women’s skateboarding. In the specialty, a journey into the future with a gold and a … Read more

Index – Sports – The Blue Ribbon is over

Of the 556 boats entered for the race, 343 completed the 53rd Blue Ribbon Raiffeisen Grand Prix, which was RSM was led by Róbert Vándor won, MTI reported. According to the information of the organizers on Saturday, 60 percent of the participants completed the distance of 155 kilometers as the crow flies between Balatonfüred, Balatonkenese, … Read more

Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin crew are not officially astronauts

The same day that Blue Origin made its first manned space flight, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tightened the rules for awarding the “astronaut” badge. Due to this change, which is the first in 17 years, mogul Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and Oliver Daemen, do not qualify to be formally recognized as astronauts in … Read more

4 without men in the final! The 2 without and the double blue pl are in the semifinals! – OA Sport

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE 05.45 Our live ends here, see you at the next live. Thanks for joining us, have a nice day at OA Sport! 05.43 The balance of blue rowing is excellent at the end of the second day of competitions at the Tokyo Olympic Games: the five Italian boats today … Read more

3D action game “Blue Fire” PS4 / Switch Traditional Chinese version will be released this summer “Blue Fire”

H2 Interactive announced that it will officially launch Robi Studios’ 3D action game “Blue flame(Blue Fire)” PS4 / Nintendo Switch Traditional Chinese version. [The following content provides the original information for the manufacturer]   《Blue flame》Is an action game that survives increasingly difficult 3D platform challenges. Players will come to a perished and desolate world “Penumbra” … Read more

Rise of the blue dollar awakens the curve of the future

And that, the insistence and convictions of sustaining the exchange rate and the repeated refusal of the official’s devaluation plans above the plans drawn up and the projects for 2022; they have no hold. Or, put another way (at least for official conviction), exporters and financial operators including Rofex (very close to foreign trade) believe … Read more

The blue dollar rose again and marks a new high in 2021 – News

The blue dollar continued to rise this Thursday and reached $ 184.50 in the informal financial circuit of the city, so the gap has already exceeded the 90 percent barrier. The previous day, the parallel exchange rate had risen to $ 183, so this Thursday it posted an increase of $ 1.50, in what was … Read more