BSU November Liquidity Doesn’t Have to Go to the Bank, Monitor BLT Salary Subsidy on BPJS Employment Web Using KTP and HP

DIY NEWS – Check out the info BSU month November who will fall However employee no need to go to the bank and how check BLT Salary Subsidy from link BPJS of Employment just use KTP and HP. BSU Reportedly still able fall month November until December 2021 following 6.9 million people confirmed to receive … Read more

10.8 Million Extremely Poor People Haven’t Get Access to BPJS

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (PMK) noted that there were around 10.8 million people with a level of poverty extreme people who have not had access to the National Health Insurance program (JKN) which is held BPJS Health. “This group is excluded from the JKN system, either from … Read more

The Disbursement Stage of BPJS Employment BLT through the Burekol, Try not to Exceed the Time Limit

SURYA.CO.ID – Here are the steps disbursement of BPJS Employment BLT through burekol or collective account opening. Burekol opening for disbursement of BPJS Employment BLT usually assisted by the company’s HRD. Then immediately communicate with HRD so that the disbursement is on time. As is known, BPJS Employment BLT in 2021 is only channeled through … Read more

BLT BPJS Employment Phase 5 Liquid, Check Recipients at or

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here are four ways to check BLT recipients BPJS of Employment IDR 1 million from the government. Currently BLT penerima recipients BPJS of Employment can be checked online by accessing the page or BLT receiver BPJS of Employment can also send chat Whatsapp to 081380070175 or contact the Call Center phone … Read more

Director of BPJS Health Appreciates the Improvement of Siti Hajar Sidoarjo Hospital Services

“The increase in the number of participants must also be accompanied by an increase in the quality of services to participants, both services provided by BPJS Kesehatan and services for JKN-KIS participants in health facilities. Improving the quality of these services is also the main focus that we always strive to meet the needs of … Read more

BPJS Health Collaborates with KPK to Develop a Culture of Anti-Gratification for the JKN-KIS Program

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – As an appreciation of the efforts to control gratuities in the office environment BPJS Health, President Director BPJS Health, Ali Ghufron Mukti gave awards to partners/health facilities and a number of Gratification Control Units (UPG) BPJS Health at the deputy regional and branch office levels, Monday (27/09). “BPJS Kesehatan has implemented a system … Read more

This afternoon, Risma explains the issue of 9 million poor people no longer receiving BPJS subsidies

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini this afternoon will give an explanation about the new rules regarding the determination of Recipients of Health Insurance Contribution Assistance (PBI) in 2021. Previously, the regulation drew the spotlight because it removed 9 million poor people as recipients of assistance, aka contribution subsidies in Indonesia. BPJS … Read more

BPJS Kesehatan Shares JKN-KIS Program Experience with India

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – President Director BPJS Health Ali Ghufron again appeared to represent Indonesia as one of the panelists in the webinar The 3rd Edition of Arogya Manthan in the “Roadmap for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in India” organized by the National Health Authority of India, Thursday (23/9/2021). Ghufron is trusted by the Government of … Read more