As Kremenchuk shopping center burns, Russians comment: “What could be better than a dead Ukrainian!”

Juris Lorencs, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read VIDEO. Bordans snatches the microphone from Shleser’s hands in “Lamp”! How the discussion of politicians turns into a circus TV personality Roberto Meloni has returned to Latvia after experiencing serious troubles in Spain Russian propaganda reports that the Belarusian invasion of Ukraine will take place tomorrow. … Read more

When Youth Burns Houses in Jatinegara for Revenge, Local Residents Reprimand… Page all

JAKARTA, – Residents of RT 007 RW 014 Cipinang Muara, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, could not sleep well on Sunday (26/6/2022) early in the morning. Because, a young man with the initials N (16) was caught burning down the house rent in the area. N was then taken to the RW 014 Cipinang Muara Office … Read more

Burns San Martino, canadair in action to put out the flames on Mount Petroso

Firefighters in action in the area of ​​San Martino delle Scale, a hamlet of Monreale. A huge fire broke out at 3 o’clock this night on Monte Petroso, sending several hectares of Mediterranean scrub and vegetation up in smoke. 7 firefighters on site, including firefighters and foresters. To limit the flames, at dawn, the intervention … Read more

On the day of Midsummer, a man who showed “tricks” suffered severe burns – he poured kerosene into his mouth and set it on fire

Another lord in Latgale, who used gasoline for a fire, also ended the fire. The man suffered severe burns to his face and body, so he was hospitalized by NMPD doctors. NMPD doctors hospitalized nine people with various burns on the first day of the holiday, while four more needed medical help after choking on … Read more

Sherine Abdel Wahab burns the heart of her ex-hussam Habib with what she did in public and shocked all Egyptians!!

Actress Sherine Abdel Wahab spoke about her ex-husband, distributor Muhammad Mustafa, when a follower asked her in a comment on Instagram, saying: Talk about your daughters’ father. Sherine replied that his relationship with her daughters, Mary, and here is a very good relationship, as he is a loving father, saying: “A very good person and … Read more

Drama in Munich, an apartment burns: a firefighter dies

Monaco. The sergeant Thierry Perard, 52, belonging to the Monaco military fire brigade, lost his life in the afternoon in a fire that broke out in an apartment in the building “21 avenue Princesse Grâce”, near the new Monegasque national museum. This was made known by the government of the Principality, which issued an official … Read more

1 teaspoon burns fat for 4 hours

Selenium, iron, phosphorus ve calcium It is abundant in mustard. All these minerals help speed up metabolism and then lose weight. Mustard seeds, which effectively reduce weight and keeping the heart healthy Contains antioxidants. Mustard is very low-calorie (only 5 calories in a teaspoon), low-carb, and lean It is a spice, it can enhance the … Read more

the rag burns between Schumacher and Haas

Ralf Schumacher expressed regret over the negative attitude of Haas F1 team principal Günther Steiner towards his nephew Mick Schumacher. The former Jordan, Williams and Toyota driver converted into a consultant for German television did not mince words after the Monaco fiasco. We remember that Schumi Jr was the author of an impressive crash which … Read more

Burns the Gargano, forest and pine forests between Mattinata and Vieste

Burns the Gargano, where a large fire has been affecting, for some hours, a wooded area between Mattinata and Vieste. In focus, according to a first and partial assessment, is an area of ​​at least 20 hectares, near Baia delle Zagare, an impervious area characterized by pine forests and Mediterranean scrub. VIDEO | Scary fire … Read more