The strangest marriage customs in the world… the brides are completely without clothes in a swimming pool and the groom does this act in front of everyone… If the bride endures, she becomes his wife!

2022/09/21 It’s 11:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Marriage is considered the sweetest days of life, and the bond that completes the love story between the two parties, and the customs of marriage differ from one country to another, and there are some countries that are characterized by the strangest customs of marriage that … Read more

Tug of war of Customs: the real siege on Cuban families is born in the Palace of the Revolution

The shamelessness of Castroism it’s colossal. He has been blaming Washington for the “blockade” for years, when tugs and loosens them Customs national clearly show that the real fence around Cuban families born in the Palace of the Revolution. For decades, the regime prevented all communication with relatives who, when they left, were transformed into … Read more

US customs officials have been collecting private data from our mobiles without permission

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is forming a large database with information seized from smartphones of Americans and visitors to the country at the border, according to has informed Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. This has been known since this summer, but the subject became known through a letter sent yesterday to CBP … Read more

Fake Louis Vuitton bags at 1,200€, bought for 200€ in Turkey, go through customs and deceive the saleswoman of the official store

Luxury bags, haute couture clothing, jewellery, watches… 43% of Belgians say they have intentionally bought counterfeits (figures from a 2021 study). A team from RTL has infiltrated the dark world of luxury counterfeiting in Turkey. In the footage above, shot with a hidden camera, Michael Miraglia is in a backroom of counterfeit goods, talking with … Read more

Brussels thinks it can reduce the number of Northern Ireland customs controls | NOW

The European Union believes it can reduce the number of customs controls required for goods transport between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. According to European plans, only a few trucks need to be checked daily, EU Brexit negotiator Maros Sefcovic told FT. The EU and the United Kingdom have been at odds with each other … Read more

The Tobacco Division reveals a surprise about the high prices of cigarettes: “The price of the box

10:56 PM Tuesday 06 September 2022 Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd: Ibrahim Imbabi, Head of the Tobacco Division, commented on the rise in the prices of some types of cigarettes, such as Marlboro, Merit and LM, saying: “The Philip Morris Company raised the prices of some types until the price of a pack of mirette cigarettes … Read more

To adopt the customs dollar at the price of 8 thousand

Nada Abdul Razzaq – home Discounts know bad tricks that stores resort to to entice customers in order to get rid of the accumulated merchandise and products. They try to use everything that tempts the customer in terms of promotional vocabulary and expressions that work on the subconscious mind of the individual, that if he … Read more