The customs of the seventh day of the seventh day丨Four kinds of food bring good luck, the most taboo to scold others?

Legend has it that Nu Wa created all things, and created man on the seventh day, so the seventh day of the Lunar New Year is the birthday of human beings, commonly known as “Human Day”. On the big day of a human birthday, there are different taboos and customs to be aware of! Customs … Read more

Watch taboo customs from the seventh day to the ninth day! On this day, “It is forbidden to scold children’s subordinates”, eating one thing can live longer | Life | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Life Center / Reported by Lin Yunxuan ▲ There are different taboo customs from the seventh day to the ninth day. Watch it at once. (Schematic/Pixabay) The ten-day Lunar New Year holiday is coming to an end. Today (28th) is the seventh day of the lunar new year and also the “Human Day”. Human beings … Read more

Badri Daher visits the customs building

The Director General of Customs, Badri Daher, who has been placed under disposal, visited the customs building at Beirut International Airport to greet the employees, according to the National News Agency. Daher was the first to be released yesterday, according to a decision issued by the Cassation Public Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, who ordered the … Read more

As a result of customs control, more than 27,000 units of fake toys, perfumery and others were discovered last year – Events

photo; Officials of the Customs Administration of the State Revenue Service (SRS), during the control of cargo and shipments, discovered 27,379 units of counterfeit goods in a total of 207 cases in 2022. 70% of all counterfeit goods were toys, 23% were perfumes, and the rest were clothes, shoes, bags, mobile phones and other … Read more

Customs vandalizes a valuable collector’s copy of Pokemon

Picture: Stephen Kick/Nintendo/Kotaku The US Customs and Border Protection just screwed up an original copy sealed of pokemon yellow. the game had worth nearly $4,000 on the collector’s market. Customs inspectors broke the seal, the box and even cracked the cover of the object of collection. The game owner calls itself The_Master_Of_Unlocking. In an email … Read more

Pokémon: he sends his game in perfect condition, the customs massacre it and causes him to lose nearly 10,000 euros

Game News Pokémon: he sends his game in perfect condition, the customs massacre it and causes him to lose nearly 10,000 euros Published on 01/24/2023 at 15:10 To share : Nearly 10,000 euros may have flown away for this video game collector. Owner of a Pokémon Yellow Version in perfect condition, an individual saw his … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Sixth Dubai Customs Week kicks off with announcing the establishment of a youth council

Monday, January 23, 2023 – 5:24 PM the video Pictures DUBAI, 23rd January, 2020 (WAM) — The work of the Sixth Dubai Customs Week kicked off with the announcement of the establishment of the “Dubai Customs Youth Council”, which is approved in accordance with the standards of the Federal Youth Authority and Dubai Customs, with … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Ahmed Mahboob Musabih to “WAM”: The record performance of Dubai Customs keeps pace with the recovery of the national economy

Completion of 26 million customs transactions in 2022, and 98% of customers’ happiness with regard to smart services. – Digital transformation in customs services contributed to saving 68 million dirhams for companies annually. – Dealing with 14.5 million pieces of counterfeit goods, at a value of 109.5 million dirhams. From / Muhammad Jaballah Dubai, January … Read more

The Minister of Finance lingered in implementing his decision to pay half of the customs duties in cash

Joseph Farah wrote in Al Diyar: The decision taken by the Minister of Finance in the caretaker government, Youssef Khalil Al-Qadi, to pay half of the customs duties on imported goods in cash and in Lebanese pounds was a matter of debate between various economic sectors, especially the retail sector and supermarkets, which announced that … Read more