The children of Paula Chaves made an altar for their deceased grandparents

The pain that invaded the heart of Paula Chaves after the death of his grandfather Feet at 97 years old he gave way to tenderness, after their older children did a posthumous mime to his great-grandfather. “Olivi and Balta put together this altarexplained the wife of Peter Alfonso in a video he posted on Stories. … Read more

One minute of silence, light and sound signals in vehicles. Firefighters commemorated the tragically deceased colleague

Throughout Poland, punctually at 8:00 a.m., the uniformed services paid tribute to the firefighter who died returning from the fire extinguishing operation. The tragic accident happened on Saturday morning, on the S8 route near Wrocław. Firefighters from the Operational Group of the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service were returning from the town of … Read more

in the province of Lecce the highest number of victims

LECCE – Unfortunately, it is in the province of Lecce that the highest number of road accident victims was recorded in 2021, as many as 50. The worrying figure is one of the many contained in the report of the Regional Agency for the eco-sustainable development of territory (Asset), in charge of taking care of … Read more

A mother falls paralyzed immediately after seeing a “memory card” inside the clothes of her only deceased son.. You will not believe what she found in it.!!

Good offspring is a blessing from God’s blessings. Fathers and mothers must improve their upbringing and raise a good generation in society. They are the beginning of society. We must teach them their rights and duties, and we must set an example for them in our actions and behaviors. Our story today takes place in … Read more

“He will never be able to realize his dream”

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2022 at 10:20 a.m. A 23-year-old man died overnight from Friday to Saturday following a serious traffic accident in Slijpe, an entity of Middelkerke. The accident happened shortly after midnight. The young motorcyclist collided with a traffic island and died on the spot. According to the first conclusions of the … Read more

‘We haven’t told the kids he’s gone yet…it’s too soon’

Published on Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 7:36 p.m. Par Sudinfo with Belga Roger, a 78-year-old man, died late Thursday afternoon while fishing. An unfortunate accident for a man known and appreciated by all in his locality. It was passers-by who gave the alert early Thursday evening. While strolling along the water, they were surprised … Read more

Crying while representing his deceased son’s graduation, Endang: He said he would always be by my side The tears of a mother SurabayaEast Java named Endang Sulistyowati streamed on the graduation stage of the State University of Surabaya (Unesa), Thursday (28/7/2022). He again remembered the figure of his son, Mochammad Fathurrizqi, who should have graduated and received his diploma that day. Fate said otherwise, his son died of illness on February … Read more

Båtsfjord, Fishing | Skipper about the deceased fisherman: – Jan-Helge was someone you could trust. It will be strange not being able to call him again

27.07.22 11:58 27.07.22 11:58 Skipper of the 36-foot speed shark “Frøya”, Raymond Bjørkås in Båtsfjord, tells iFinnmark that it is difficult for him to talk about this. But he says it will be strange to never be able to call Jan-Helge Iversen (52) again, to hear if he can muster as crew.

She was not deterred by the scene of death.. an Egyptian woman tried to “stamp” her deceased sister

The Egyptian authorities decided to imprison a woman who tried to extract the fingerprint of her deceased sister from inside the mortuary to seize her property. In a strange incident, an Egyptian employee tried to take her deceased sister’s fingerprint on sales contracts, while she was in the mortuary in the Mansoura University Hospital, north … Read more