Official COVID-19 registry in Mexico would leave thousands of deceased anonymous: WSJ

In comparison, the number of additional deaths that occurred in Mexico was 267,734 until mid-December. (Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra) Mexico, one of the countries with the highest excess mortality rates in the world. According to Wall Street Journal this position is due to “Flawed government count” during the coronavirus pandemic. An analysis of the … Read more

Trump finally orders flags to be lowered to half-staff for deceased police officer | What’s up people

Washington, Jan 10 (EFE) .- The outgoing US president, Donald Trump, finally ordered this Sunday that the flags in the White House and federal buildings in the country be lowered to half staff in tribute to the policeman who died in the violent assault Capitol of a mob of his followers last Wednesday. Since then, … Read more

The ‘de facto’ partner of the deceased has preference over the parents to collect group life insurance

A person can decide not to get married and live as a common-law partner, registering in the corresponding registry, without this situation implying an express manifestation that their will is for their partner to stop being a beneficiary of group life insurance, after their death , which would revert in favor of their parents or … Read more

Microsoft: talking to your deceased loved ones will be possible

The significance of death could be closer than one imagines, hand in hand with technology. The American company led by Bill Gates proposes to recreate the personality of people killed by artificial intelligence developments. Microsoft plans to use a bot chat so that there is the possibility of establishing contact with those who have departed … Read more

Microsoft works on a system to talk to your deceased loved ones

If you could talk to a loved one again, would you do so? Microsoft, the information technology giant, raises the possibility of “reincarnating” our deceased virtually. How possible is it resume a conversation with someone who has already died? A grandfather, a close aunt, a friend who lost his life in an unexpected situation. They … Read more

“Resurrection” the Microsoft chatbot for simulating deceased or living people.

Microsoft filed a patent highlighting the fascinating possibility of the digital reincarnation of people as a chat bot. Microsoft’s patent envisions embodying people digitally as chatbots using social media data, images, and electronic messages.Microsoft’s patent is not a conventional chatbot training method that uses conversations and materials from a large number of users, but uses … Read more

Microsoft files patent to create chatbots based on deceased people or family members

Recently a patent filed by Microsoft to US Patent Office in which the technological company plan to create a chatbot (an intelligence that talks in text with a person) that imitate the personality and speech of a deceased person. This idea has been discovered by Protocol a few weeks ago and more information has been … Read more

Microsoft tests digital ‘resurrection’ of deceased people in chatbots

Microsoft has filed a patent raising the intriguing possibility of digitally reincarnating people as a chat bot. Instead of using the conventional method of chat bot training using conversations and material from a large sample of users, Microsoft’s patent, as discovered by Ubergizmo, raises the possibility of creating a chat bot from the output of … Read more

Celebrities who dumped us this year

From the cartoonist and creator of Mafalda, Joaquin Salvador Washed ‘Quino’, the protagonist of ‘Black Panther’ Chadwick Boseman, to the renowned leader of Jarabe de Palo Pau Donés, this 2020 leaves us without some prominent cultural figures. At who and TV some lost their battle against disease, while others died from accidents and other causes. … Read more