It turned out that this was what controlled Zoltán B. when he exterminated his former family in Dunakeszi – Video

A horrific family murder took place in Dunakeszi, Lieutenant Colonel Elek Kátai and psychologist Márk Kitanics spoke about the tragedy. A horrific family murder took place in Dunakeszi, Lieutenant Colonel Elek Kátai and psychologist Márk Kitanics spoke about the tragedy. He had a mother-in-law, an ex-wife and a seven-year-old son conducted on Sunday night Zoltán … Read more

VIDEO. “Not a trace was left.” Raquel Vargas erased the past with a new tattoo

The presenter shared one more step on her way to definitive healing, after openly declaring that she was the victim of an abusive partner. Look at the beautiful tattoo that replaces the footprints of your ex. Excited and grateful, this is how the presenter of “Viva la Mañana”, Raquel Vargas, was perceived in her most … Read more

This series continues: now Johnny Depp’s ex-wife says she feared he would kill her

Amber Heard accused his ex-husband Johnny Depp of physically and verbally abusing her while he abused drugs and alcohol, and stated that on several occasions came to fear for his life. This Monday, on the first day of his testimony in the Superior Court in London during the trial for the libel suit filed by … Read more

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Accuse Each Other of Peeing and Pooing All Over Their House

Johnny Depp’s libel trial against The Sun publisher National News Group has taken a turn for the scatological. Depp is suing the company over a 2018 headline that called him a “wife-beater” after his ex-wife, Amber Heard, filed for both a restraining order and a divorce over allegations of domestic violence. (Depp has denied all … Read more

He killed the ex-wife of 18 a knife, and says he can’t remember

Luis Moreira. 16th June 2020, at 07:37 pm The accused alleges that “the power of memory, before the judges of the Portuguese banking system. Just remember to be a victim on the floor and a knife in his hand. “I don’t remember a killing! I love my wife. She was the last person in the … Read more

Went to the head of her husband with a stick and threatened him with a knife

G. A. L./A. P. 06 June, 2020-09:10 A woman and four men are arrested for domestic violence by the POLICE. Five people, four men and one woman have been arrested for domestic violence over the past two days. The woman, a 41-year-old was seen by POLICE in Vinhais, Bragança, beating the ex-husband of a 43-year-old … Read more

All that extra attention is not always fun for pets

A cat on the keyboard or a dog at your feet to spice up that boring meeting. It is possible now that we have an office at home. A dog or cat is cozy and that is quite pleasant, especially when adolescents and partners become increasingly cranky after months at home. And: a dog is … Read more

Rubilio Castillo breaks the silence after domestic violence and assures that he was not drunk – Diez

Rubilio Castillo He broke the silence after the case of domestic violence in which he was involved a few weeks ago and where he beat his wife, as stated in the lawsuit that was reflected in the Tegucigalpa Courts. The battering ram of Motagua in an interview to Radio Cadena Voces He stepped out and … Read more

Domestic violence: Villa says that “this time he has not touched” his girlfriend

Colombian Sebastián Villa, accused by his girlfriend of having beaten her, defended himself before the authorities and his colleagues in Boca Juniors. According to the Olé newspaper, the player sent a message to his colleagues denying his partner, Daniela Cortés. In addition, Villa denounced her for mistreatment and attempted extortion. The soccer player said that … Read more

Villa responds to accusations of domestic violence: “I do not know what intention is being published”

Sebastián Villa responded to the accusations of domestic violence made by his partner, Daniela Cortés. Cortés announced on social networks that the Colombian Boca Juniors player had beaten her. The complaint was made with very explicit images and a text. Villa pointed out that he did not know Cortés’ intentions with the publication, but that … Read more