Israel’s Brutal Attack on Mourners of the Journalist He Killed, Body Almost Falls

Israeli forces attacked mourners who picked up the bodies of Al Jazeera journalists. © REUTERS/Ammar Awad – Journalist Palestine–America Shireen Abu Akleh, who worked for the Al Jazeera news agency, was killed after being shot by Israeli soldiers on Wednesday (11/5). He was shot in the head while covering an attack by Israeli forces … Read more

This is how the great fortunes of cryptocurrency millionaires fell

This week was the worst in history for cryptocurrencies, which lost, in terms of capitalization, about $700 billion in market value, according to the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which plunged 35%. So far this year, bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, has fallen more than 34% since it was trading at around $46,000 in January … Read more

Astronomers Expect Meteor Showers from the remains of a comet that fell 26 years ago

Multiple star systems may collide due to unstable orbits. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — System double star very common in the Milky Way. While most of these systems are binary systems made up of two stars, others contain three, four, or even six stars. These systems tend to be fairly stable as unstable systems tend to break … Read more

LUNA coin fell by more than 99% and rose by 11562%, the exchange is anxious to “pull out the network cable”

A terrifying cliff-like crash caused a big storm in the virtual currency market. The protagonist of this incident is the LUNA coin that once had the aura of “coin circle Maotai” on its head. At its glory days, LUNA coin once ranked tenth in the virtual currency market value rankings. However, from May 9th to … Read more

Gold prices fell in Saudi Arabia during trading today, Saturday

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia witnessed a decline during trading, today, Saturday, May 14, 2022. The price of a gram of 24 karat gold today in Saudi Arabia also decreased, during morning trading, to 218.46 riyals ($ 58.26). And the price of a gram of 21 karat gold (the most traded in the market) in … Read more

Arezzo, fell into a coma in the seventh month of pregnancy: on Sunday Cristina Rosi will see her daughter Caterina for the first time

Cristina Rosihit by a heart attack on July 23 2020 in the seventh month of pregnancyon Sunday he will be able to return to home for a few hours and see his daughter Caterina for the first time, born in a caesarean section following cardiac arrest. Both mother and daughter suffered heavy physical injuries and … Read more

California spent millions on Medi-Cal members to boost COVID vaccination rates, but fell further behind

In summary Gaps in COVID vaccination rates persist among Medi-Cal members in the state. Five Medi-Cal plans still have vaccination rates below 50%. Read this article in English. Last year, the state launched a $350 million incentive program to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates among low-income California residents. But since then, the gap between Medi-Cal members … Read more

Dream Chasing Green had a total of 24 points and 20 turnovers in this round. The team danced happily when the team fell behind by 50 points – yqqlm

2022-05-12 12:28 source:NBA wide angle Original title: Dream Chasing Green had a total of 24 points and 20 turnovers in this round, and the team danced happily when the team fell behind by 50 points On May 12, 2022, Beijing time, the Grizzlies beat the Warriors by 39 points in the Western Conference semifinals G5, … Read more

Terra (Moon) cryptocurrency fell from 54 to only 2 dollars

In the midst of the general fall in the market for cryptocurrencies, there is one that has caused panic in investors due to its resounding collapse: Earth (Moon). The protocol Terra, used for stablecoins (stablecoins) backed by fiat money (dollars, won, etc.), has seen the value of his moon Cryptocurrency, coming to be worth only … Read more