‘Doll Singles 2’ Lee Chang-soo, who fell in love again with Kim Eun-young, a girl who is ‘aesthetic’ to all men

MBN ‘Dol Singles 2’ [인사이트] Reporter Lee Won-sun = ‘Doll Singles 2’ Chang-soo Lee and Eun-young Kim reunite awkwardly after half a day after a fierce argument. In the 7th episode of MBN’s ‘Dol Singles 2’, which will be broadcast on the 28th, the scene of the second day of cohabitation of the couple, Chang-su … Read more

Watch the moment the artist “Mohamed Abdo” tear fell while talking about the theater that bears his name and thanking King Salman

Al-Marsad newspaper: The artist, Muhammad Abdo, expressed his happiness with the establishment of a theater bearing his name “Mohammed Abdo Theater,” which pulled the rug from international and Arab forums, and attracted the world’s attention to it during the activities of the Riyadh season. Muhammad Abdo said during his conversation with a reporter, “For 40 … Read more

Black Thursday! Czech clubs fell by four places in the ranking

Weakness. The Czechs scored two points for two draws in the Conference League. Slavia played 2: 2 with Feyenoord Rotterdam at home and Jablonec broke up amicably with Alkmaar 1: 1. At the same time, both domestic representatives did not maintain the lead. Sparta remained without a point, losing in the European League in Glasgow … Read more

Czech clubs fell to twentieth place in the ranking for the cups

After a not very successful Thursday night in the European Cups, Czech football clubs fell by four places in the UEFA national coefficient ranking to 20th place. Loss to the key 15th position, which last means five representatives on the European scene, but domestic teams still do not have a large. They are currently 0.35 … Read more

The bitcoin exchange rate fell sharply. Due to a new coronavirus mutation from South Africa

On Thursday evening, bitcoin was traded on stock exchanges for $ 59,434 (CZK 1,351,240). However, there was a significant drop on Friday, so after noon the exchange rate was only $ 53,563 (CZK 1,217,110). Development of bitcoin value over the last week. Photo: News Recall that 14 days ago the exchange rate was record – … Read more

After the “Brainstorming” concert in Great Britain, several spectators fell ill with Covid-19

Last week, the national holiday turned out to be very special for Latvians in Britain, as the group “Brainstorm” performed in London. However, it has now become known that several people have contracted Covid-19 after the concert, reports LTV News Service. Līva Karlsone, a journalist of the portal “Latvieši.com”, said in a telephone conversation on … Read more

Buyers, are you there? Visits to stores fell 53% in the Good End – El Financiero

Despite the campaign of the Good end, which ran from Nov. 10-16, in-store visits decreased 53 percent compared to 2019, an analysis by Getin revealed. The consulting firm that measures the influx in shopping centers shared The financial that during this period, the influx to shopping centers grew 5 percent compared to 2019. “El Buen … Read more

Advice about former Rangers coach: I ate Gerrard, but he fell for me

Glasgow (from our newsletter) – “Rangers fan reactions can be hateful. Kamara’s lawyer feeds everything, he does PR. There will be fifty thousand spectators in the auditorium. But Sparta is so experienced that she should rise above it. The problem did not arise in her match, but the Scots do not distinguish it. But it … Read more

Argentine stocks fell as much as 6.2% on Wall Street; Country risk recorded a new annual maximum

The only promotions of the day were starred by View (+ 4.2%); Edenor (+ 3.9%); Telecom (+ 0.6%); and Bioceres (+ 0.1%). As has happened in the last post 14-N wheels, the weakness of domestic assets deepened as traders can no longer find “drivers” to promote even tactical bets, such as those mainly oriented to … Read more

The emergency network fell out in the storm – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

Several thousand were without power then the storm ravaged the weekend. The strong wind also led to the emergency network falling out in several places in southern Norway. Big problems On Saturday afternoon, as many as 80 base stations were affected. Monday night, the number is down to 17 stations, reports NTB. Municipalities that are … Read more