“If this is true, Prigozhin better flee to Africa very quickly!” | Video

16 meiVideo Rumors of a negotiation between the boss of the Russian mercenary group Wagner and Ukraine continue to circulate. Prigozhin himself has denied it. If it is true, he must fear for his life, says Bob Deen, Russia expert at the Clingendael Institute. #true #Prigozhin #flee #Africa #quickly #Video 2023-05-16 10:47:00

Inter-ethnic clashes break out in Manipur, India, 60 people die, 20,000 others flee

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – As many as 60 people are reported to have died in inter-ethnic clashes in the north-eastern Indian state of Manipur. Mobs attacked homes, vehicles, churches and temples, local officials said. In a press conference Monday (8/5/2023), Head of Manipur State, N Biren Singh, said more than 200 people were injured and … Read more

Sudan: Ceasefire extended, airstrikes continue, thousands flee their homes – BBC News 中文

Lyse Doucet BBC Chief International Correspondent May 1, 2023 image source,AFP via Getty Images image captiontext, Evacuees rest on board a Saudi naval vessel en route from Port Sudan to Jeddah on April 30. Port Sudan is quickly becoming a key evacuation hub as violence continues between Sudan’s junta and military groups. The BBC’s chief … Read more

Sudan: UN, 270,000 could flee to Chad-South Sudan

GENEVA, 25 APR – According to the UN, up to 270,000 people could flee the war that is ravaging Sudan in Chad and South Sudan. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), after a 72-hour ceasefire was agreed in Sudan between the warring parties under US auspices, up to 270,000 people could flee to … Read more

Benjamin Maréchal was on site when the agent arrived at Delhaize de Marcinelle, the reality on the ground filmed live by our teams (video)

This morning, like every other day, picket in front of Delhaize de Marcinelle. These pickets no longer dare to put themselves in the parking lot of Delhaize and were in the parking lot of the McDonald’s just opposite, to avoid trouble with the bailiff. At 8:45 a.m., we witnessed the arrival of the bailiff, who … Read more

Electricity investors ‘flee’ from Mexico – El Financiero

The sale of 13 of the 27 plants that Iberdrola operated in Mexico, to the government for 6 billion dollars, is a warning sign for energy companies that have investments in the country such as Enel, Naturgy, Mitsui, Sempra Infraestructura, among others. , which could consider pausing or even withdrawing their capital during the remainder … Read more

A costly fall: a man tries to flee a police check and drops a huge sum of money

This April 3 around 9 p.m., a police patrol wants to check an individual in the North Quarter. The man tried to get out of control and so started running. While fleeing, the suspect tripped, fell and dropped the cash in his hand. The police then arrested him for selling narcotics. During the suspect’s search, … Read more