Even without learning music theory, most people are able to follow music theory

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on Science.org This is in the American magazine Science that we discover the work of Canadian researchers Michael Weiss et Isabelle Peretz. They submitted the participants of a study to tests to determine if it was necessary to have learned music theory to be able to follow a key. … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy postponed to February 2023, Switch version to follow later – Gaming – News

Avalanche Software postpones Hogwarts Legacy for the second time. The final release of the RPG is now due on February 10, 2023 for the ‘PlayStation, Xbox and PC’. The release date for the Nintendo Switch version will be announced later. The subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment says in a tweet need more time to … Read more

Husband’s family is very obsessed! “Sumo Gik” moved house to follow daughter-in-law “Paoli” to catch “Earth” to raise cows.

Father-in-law loves you very much “Sumo Kik-Kiat Kitcharoen” moving house with daughter-in-law “Pao Paowali” settle downSuphan Buri heavy use of husband “Earth“raising cows A young country singer with a good voice pao pao wali Good luck.. Husband’s house loves her husband very much. especially the father-in-law Sumo gig-Kiat Kitcharoen outspoken to the daughter-in-law all the … Read more

South Korea launches Moon Scouts, more missions will follow

“If you don’t look at it carefully, you might not be able to see it,” said Dr. Lee. Jean-Pierre Williams, a planetary scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, and another co-scientist on the Danuri mission hope to create detailed maps of the crater’s temperature by combining ShadowCam imagery with the data collected by … Read more

Experts doubt whether the West will follow Lithuania’s example: they are preparing for completely different scenarios with Russia

Clemens Wergin, the head of the Washington office of the German newspaper “Die Welt”, published a publication in which he advocates that Germany, other European countries, their politicians and parliaments follow the example of Lithuania and name Russia a terrorist state. The Lithuanian Parliament adopted a resolution back in May and announced that Russia “is … Read more

Copom minutes, IPCA, results from banks and retailers: what to follow in the week

after following another increase in the Selic rate, to a five-year high, investors will look closely at the minutes of the meeting at which the decision was made. The minutes of the last meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank (Copom) will be released on Tuesday (9), before the opening of the … Read more

Android: 4 recommendations to follow if you are going to renew a device | Smartphones | Tips | Cell phones | Walkthrough | nnda nnni | TECHNOLOGY

There are many people who want to renew their cell phone, this is because the device they have is either old or simply not updated. Others also indicate that their decision is that the battery does not perform as well as when they just bought it. Is it your case? In order for you to … Read more

[Breaking] Suzuki Releases New Avenis 125 2022 version, Indonesia will follow???

Viewed: 101,136 Iwanbanaran.com – Wow…. Entering the beginning of August 2022, Suzuki kicked off the world by launching the latest generation Avenis 125 version 2022. The generation that turns out to be quite fierce, looks aggressive and indeed the Avenis introduced in the Philippines makes us ask….is this the generation that will also be released … Read more

Cars, bicycles, scooters, pedestrians: the rules to follow when sharing the road

At the end of a marble corridor, the royal lounge of the Brussels-Central station Summer series: Dive into the unusual heritage of rail | The history of Belgium is intimately linked to the development of its rail network. For almost two hundred years, railway engineers and architects have competed in creativity to cross valleys, to … Read more