Road transport of goods: the ministry will update the reference costs

This study will take into account the current context, characterized by several changes in supply chains national and international following the Covid-19 health crisis, but also the increase in tensions between different countries, inducing a spike in fuel prices internationally and nationally and uncertainty of their evolutionindicate the documents of this market consulted by our … Read more

Excited, Geprek Bensu employees collect salaries from Jordi Onsu, younger brother of Ruben Onsu: Just sell branded goods!

Hops.ID – Bad news is hitting the brothers Ruben Onsu and Jordu Onsu this is because of conjecture salary employee Geprek Bensu Unpaid. In addition to reports of employees not getting their right to wages or payments, there are issues with HRD and marketing Geprek Bensu has also resigned. Issues regarding non-payment salary employee Geprek … Read more

Discounts and sales are expected, warehouses around the world are overflowing with unclaimed goods

Sales miscalculations, the effects of the pandemic and the rapid increase in the number of returned clothing and other goods have led to a situation where many warehouses around the world are overflowing with unclaimed goods. In the conditions of rising prices, many merchants do not know what to do with these goods, but trade … Read more

Lidl is changing. Huge changes that the Czechs will not like. They no longer buy their favorite goods there

In the current situation, everyone has to adapt. This applies not only to households, but also to large companies. Ultimately, however, this again represents an impact on their customers. In any case, it is certain that the old models will no longer work. Changes are happening Although many do not wish for it, according to … Read more

Teddy Minahasa Withdraws BAP for Allegation of Selling 5 Kg of Methamphetamine, Turns Out the Goods Are Still Intact in Bukittinggi

Former West Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Teddy Minahasa. (17/10/2022) (Source: Polri website) Writer : Tito Dirhantoro | Editor : Vyara Lestari JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Former West Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Teddy Minahasa retracted his statement in the investigation report (BAP) regarding the drug case that ensnared him. Teddy Minahasa retracted all … Read more

Klusaitis, who is involved in a business covered in myths: I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years Apple releases a line of erotic goods

Some thirteen years ago businessman Povilas Klusaitis caught a trend that will soon explode in the world online trade market, he did not yet know that in 2022 his business will generate 4 million euro turnover. The company’sInterversus“, which operates seven adult stores “Fantasy LT” and the online store, the founder believes that there is … Read more

After Double 11, there was a wave of crazy returns, and merchants were about to be “driven crazy” | Logistics blocked | Live delivery with goods | Epidemic prevention

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, November 18, 2022]This year’s “double eleven“The heat of the shopping festival has cooled down significantly, and the post-holidayreturn the goodsThe tide is crazier than ever.Compared with previous years, in addition to common reasons such as slow delivery, lost items, impulsive consumption, and merchant recalls, this year also added the … Read more

Baker boss Hlavatý: Baked goods will continue to become more expensive. And Babiš get stronger

Small bakeries are already closing. The medium-sized ones are still holding on, waiting for cheaper energy, looking forward to spring and in the meantime paying for expensive energy. In the spring, poker will begin to be played about who will end up in the industry and who will survive. The market leader is Babišův Penam. … Read more

Fighting Special Attack 2 players found that a certain virtual item in the game is more expensive than the real world peripheral goods

In “Overwatch 2”, which was officially launched in early October, the Blizzard Entertainment team officially changed the buyout system of the original “Overwatch” to completely free for this team competitive shooting game, but at the same time, the team also The “loot box” system that has caused various controversies in recent years has been completely … Read more

Decathlon changed its name. He started selling used goods, it becomes second hand

Popular sports equipment retailer Decathlon is changing and joining modern trends. For example, he launched an interesting campaign abroad, which could eventually reach the Czech Republic as well. Focus on used goods Decathlon renamed several of its stores to Nolhtaced, which caused an uproar in some locations. The hard-to-pronounce name didn’t make much sense at … Read more