Hospital Hero app from WAKZ also to other hospitals

Reducing anxiety and tension in children undergoing medical treatment. With this aim, Nicole Donkel (pediatric nurse at the Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital (WAKZ)) and Charlotte Poot (PhD student at the National eHealth Living Lab) set up the Hospital Hero foundation. The foundation now stands on its own two feet and has successfully launched its own app. … Read more

Blizzard loses another general, and the chief hero designer of “Fighting Strike 2” leaves | T Kebang

Recently, according to foreign media PCGamer, Blizzard confirmed that Geoff Goodman, the chief hero designer of “Battle Strike 2”, has left. A Blizzard spokesman said Geoff made the decision to leave Blizzard earlier this year, and his last public appearance was in an interview with the media in June. Blizzard issued a statement on Geoff … Read more

The surprising tastemaker of ‘Chantal’: “Playing a hero? There is nothing to it”

© © VRT – NyklyN He is not a new face on television. Yet Dries Heyneman (42) as ‘sheriff’ Rik Cloedt is the surprising tastemaker of the new Sunday evening series. Chantal. ‘A kind of police series’, as it appears. “I like to play figures with an angle, a hero is not very interesting to … Read more

The hero has arrived.. Without shame, Ruby will watch you in the municipal dance, which is seriously better than Sama Al-Masry and Dina the dancer.. Follower of my victory Safinaz

All rights reserved © Al-Resala News 2022 || Disclaimer: All articles and news published on the Al-Resala News website are the responsibility of their editors only, and the administration of the Al-Resala News website, despite its efforts to ensure the accuracy of all published information, does not bear any moral or legal responsibility for what … Read more

The Hollywood story of the Spaniards. Three turns, the gold was then arranged by the movie hero from Netflix

The story of the Spanish basketball players at the European Championship has, without exaggeration, Hollywood contours. Their representation is going through a generational change and was definitely not among the favorites. Still, she pulled off three big turns in the tournament’s playoffs, and in the final against France, real-life movie hero Juancho Hernangómez, known as … Read more

Without an ounce of shame or shyness.. Handa Archil, the heroine of the series You Knock on My Door, admits to having intercourse with the hero.. several times during filming and explains that she has no regrets!

2022/09/17 It’s 08:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The star of the Turkish series You Knock on My Door, Handa Archil, shocked her fans and followers through social media platforms with bold and exciting confessions. And Handa Archil said in her confession, that she had a real intimate relationship more than three times with … Read more

Kiryu’s Resurrection Biography, “Dragon Among Men 7: The Unknown Hero” is released, will be launched in 2023 | 4Gamers

SEGA’s Dragon in Human Studio held a new work presentation before the Tokyo Game Show on the 14th. After “Dragon in Human 8”, it brought out a new rumored work “Dragon in Human 7″ Legendary Heroes Unknown”. Because “Dragon Among People 8” adopts the dual-protagonist system of Kiryu Kazuma and Kasuga Ichiban. However, the official … Read more

How ‘Iron General’ and ‘Hero of Ukraine’ Succeed Against Russians | Abroad

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door Jens Vancaeneghem 12 sep. 2022 in ABROAD Valerii Zaluzhnyi Ⓒ ANP / HH The Ukrainians’ successful counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region is without a doubt the biggest bright spot for the troubled country since it managed to keep the capital Kiev out of the Russians’ clutches. It is … Read more

Shakira forgets her problems and finds refuge in the “hero of her life”

Celebrities His father, William Mebarak, has spent his 91st birthday surrounded by his loved ones EIn the midst of the struggle that Shakira is going through with Gerard Piqu for the custody of their children, the Colombian artist decided to forget about all her problems and celebrate dad’s birthday in style. William Mebarakwho just turned … Read more

GoPro Hero 11 Black specifications appear online – Image and sound – News

While the appearance of the action camera is similar to that of the Hero 10 Black, it will reportedly get a cmos sensor. @LFranxWind All GoPros use CMOS sensors, even the first digital from 2006! As the GoPro HD Hero uses a CMOS sensor, it is subject to rolling shutter issues, also known as the … Read more