Apex Legends: Mobile launch trailer introduces new hero

We’ve known it was coming for a while, but now it’s finally here: the mobile version of Apex Legends. A launch trailer is therefore self-evident. What it isn’t is that a new legend is announced in that same launch trailer. You can get Fade by reaching level 25 on the Battle Pass and in the … Read more

“Apex Hero M” officially launched on dual platforms in Taiwan to challenge to become the last victorious glorious hero team – Bahamut

5X Games announced today (19) that it has officially won theApex Heroes“Mobile version”Apex Hero M“Taiwan region distribution rights, and officially launched on dual platforms today, providing players to download. Online global players exceeded 100 million, creating the most advanced battle royale mobile game Officially, “Apex Heroes“Since its launch in 2019, it has become popular because … Read more

NBA playoffs, Grant Williams as Steph Curry in Game-7: he is the hero of Boston

1/7 GRANT WILLIAMS BETTER EVEN THAN JAYSON TATUM | With such a provocatively brazen match plan against the Celtics long, Boston did not hold back and asked Grant Williams to shoot from the bow even after missing five of the first six shots. In the end, 27 points arrived – never so many in his … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: Release date, story… We take stock of the animated film

News culture Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: Release date, story… We take stock of the animated film Published on 05/15/2022 at 16:15 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the latest film in the franchise initiated by Akira Toriyama, arrives in Japan next month. What about France? Release date, story… the JV editorial team takes stock of … Read more

Leaving the U-23 Indonesian National Team Squad at the 2021 SEA Games, Saddil Ramdani Becomes a Hero of Sabah FC’s Victory in the 2022 Malaysian FA Cup: Okezone Bola

LEAVE squad Indonesian National Team U-23 from SEA Games 2021, Saddil Ramdani became the hero of Sabah FC’s 2-1 victory over Kelantan United in the second round of the 2022 Malaysian FA Cup, Friday 13 May 2022 evening WIB. Just to note, Saddil Ramdani defended the U-23 Indonesian National Team in the initial two games … Read more

“I feel sorry for him, very sorry” – Weekend – Kommersant

The film by Sergei Bodrov Sr. “Breathe Freely” was released – a chamber melodrama from the life of a stutterer. The main character is a car mechanic Ilya (Evgeny Tkachuk), who began to stutter due to a shell shock received during the second Chechen war, enrolls in the course of Dr. Cherkasova (Polina Agureeva), where … Read more

Patron Dog on stage again. Zelensky awarded the animal hero a medal, he wagged his tail

The Jack Russel Terrier, named Patron, has become probably the most famous dog in Ukraine in recent weeks. President Zelensky awarded him a medal at a press conference during a visit by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. NO COMMENTS: Dog Hero: During the invasion, he discovered almost 90 explosives in Ukraine. Video: AP The patron … Read more

Super Hero will hit theaters in Latin America this year — Kudasai

The platform Crunchyroll issued a press release announcing that, as a company, it will handle the distribution of the next film by Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in theaters “all over the world” this year. This obviously includes Latin America, where the film will reach theaters in different countries in both dubbed and … Read more

Let me solo her, the hero of Elden Ring, prepares to mark a milestone

A few weeks ago the existence of a very special player from Elden Ring which was presented as “Let me solo her”. This user immediately became a kind of legend for intervening in other games to help different players – unknown to him – to overcome Malenia, one of the most challenging bosses in the … Read more

An old hero is back in the box

LOS ANGELES. The successful goalkeeper from the Stanley Cup victory 2019 was back in the box for St. Louis Blues tonight. It was 28-year-old Jordan Binnington’s first appearance in this year’s Stanley Cup and he showed that the weak efforts during the final years of recent years are a thing of the past. With 28 … Read more