New Hero: Hogger • NG

Blizzard announces Hogger as new hero in Heroes of the Storm On November 23, Blizzard announced a new patch with various changes to Heroes of the Storm, including the appearance of a new Hero in this universe. “Hogger: the scourge of the Elwynn ”and head of the Riverpaw, he is a gnoll wanted by the … Read more

Hackers steal CSGO skins through Apple’s iCloud storage »Hero Network

Hackers have recently discovered that multi-factor authentication (MFA) from Steam it is not safe enough for Steam users. In recent days a hack has been found in the storage service iCloud from Apple, the hackers know are filling the hands of user inventories of Steam. According to testimonials from the professional CS GO player Paytyn … Read more

Hays Travel owner fired like a hero on the streets

John Hays, founder of the British travel agency network Hays Travel, who passed away on November 13, has been fired as a hero on the streets of the English city of Sunderland, with hundreds of people lined up on each side of the avenue greeting the funeral procession and applauding as they passed. The businessman … Read more

Yellow Brick Games studio arrives from Ubisoft and BioWare veterans »Hero Network

Ubisoft and BioWare They are two of the most important video game developers in the world. Both have had a huge pool of highly talented workers for years and many others no longer work for them. It is the latter who have decided to join forces to create a new independent studio called Yellow Brick … Read more

Celestyal Cruises launches “Black Friday” and “Hero Discounts” offers as a thank you to frontline and healthcare professionals

Posted on Nov 24, 2020 | With the current global Covid-19 pandemic that has paused travel for many this year, including those heroes on the front lines of fighting to protect and care for communities around the world, Celestyal Cruises, the leading Greek-origin cruise operator. With cruises to the Greek Islands and the Eastern Mediterranean, … Read more

Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer calls him a “hero”

Black Rifle Coffee Kyle Rittenhouse has a connection to a conservative coffee company called Black Rifle Coffee. On November 20, Rittenhouse was released on $ 2 million bond. Shortly afterward, far-right journalist and podcast host Elijah Schaffer tweeted a photo of Rittenhouse wearing a t-shirt promoting the coffee company. Rittenhouse’s attorney, Lin Wood, also published … Read more

Everything you need to know about NEWGAMExVALORANT from Bencheados »Hero Network

Bencheados a few weeks ago, he opened the forms for the next VALORANT stars to apply to his academy project. This academy project is sponsored directly by the gamer component store NEW GAME. We already have the 20 selected who will compete over the weekend in search of a place in the academy project. All … Read more

Blizzard Releases Overwatch Update 3.01, Featuring Various Hero Changes

Blizzard Entertainment just released Overwatch update 3.01, which primarily deals with more changes to several different heroes. So if you’re playing any of the heroes listed in these patch notes, you might want to pay attention to see how your primary has been changed. This is also all the patch does. The various heroes that … Read more