Hasnaeni the ‘Golden Woman’ is Still the First Republican Party Leader in KPU

Jakarta – Hasnaeni’s otherGolden Woman‘, who is now a suspect and detained AGO, He is still listed as the General Chair of the Republican Party One in Indonesia KPU. The KPU has not yet received a structural change from the party’s management. “Until now, the KPU RI has not or has not accepted the amendment … Read more

MPR and KPU Godok Closed Proportional Pileg Option, Voters Only Vote for Political Parties

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) and the General Elections Commission (KPU)KPU) RI considers the legislative election (pileg) to be carried out with a system closed proportional. This was revealed after a meeting between the two parties at the KPU RI office on Wednesday (21/9/2022). “An interesting suggestion from the KPU chairman … Read more

DPR Commission II Approves KPU Budget in 2023 Rp 15 Trillion

Jakarta – Commission II DPR approved the budget ceiling of the General Elections Commission (KPU) in 2023 amounting to Rp. 15 trillion. The budget consists of a management support program and a program for organizing elections in the process of consolidating democracy. Deputy Chairperson of Commission II DPR Junimart Girsang detailed the management support program … Read more

When the Draw for Political Party Serial Numbers Threatened to Disappear in 2024…

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Different from the previous general election (election), the lottery tradition serial number participating political parties Election 2024 threatened not to do so. It all started with a proposal submitted by the General Chairperson of the PDI-P Megawati Soekarnoputri. Megawati made a statement that the general election 2024 you should use the old … Read more

KPU Names 24 New PKB Political Parties that Passed Administrative Verification

Jakarta – General Election Commissions (KPU) mentioned that only one of the 24 political parties (political parties) that met the administrative verification requirements document, namely the National Awakening Party (PKB).PKB). The PKB is said to have exceeded the minimum requirements for administrative verification. “Yes, that’s right, PKB only. So coincidentally, the requirements that exceed the … Read more

23 Political Parties Must Fix Documents, Then PKB Meets Conditions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — General Election Commissions (KPU) stated 23 political parties that passed the registration of candidate participants Election 2024 have to fix the document. From the results of the verification, only PKB has met the requirements. “95.83 percent (23) of political parties, the KPU invites them to improve their documents in order to … Read more

Bawaslu Rejects Lawsuit, 11 Parties Cannot Participate in 2024 Election

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Eleven political parties cannot follow Election 2024 future because it was declared ineligible by the General Elections Commission (KPU).KPU) and his lawsuit was rejected by Bawaslu. They had filed a lawsuit with the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu). However, Bawaslu rejected their claim and stated that the KPU had carried out the … Read more

Announces Administrative Verification Results, KPU Asks 24 Parties to Check Sipol

Jakarta – General Election Commissions (KPU) will announce the results of the administrative verification to the 24 political parties that were previously declared to have passed the file. Therefore, KPU asked them to check their respective political party accounts. “Today KPU will submit the results of administrative verification. The mechanism for submitting the results of … Read more

Ex-Corruption Convicts Can Be Candidates for the 2024 Election

Jakarta – General Election Commission (KPU) enable ex-convicts (convicts) corruption register as a candidate for legislative member (candidate) in the 2024 General Election. The decision is also listed in the Supreme Court Decision Number 46P/HUM/2018. The Head of the Technical Division of the KPU Idham Holik said that the KPU in the 2019 Election had … Read more

The Working Party and Rows of Political Parties that Failed in the Election Registration

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of political parties are hampered in the participant registration process Election 2024 because it did not complete the file at the time of registration. One of them is the Labor Party. After the registration period closed on August 14, 2022, the General Elections Commission (KPU) announced 24 political parties … Read more