Stories of Mothers Having a Day’s Duty to Collect 100 Illegal Loaning Customers at PIK: We Don’t Lose

Report from journalist, Gerald Leonardo Agustino TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, NETWORK – The mothers of two children with the initials S (35) told the reason why they joined as employees Illegal Pinjol in the area Kapuk Beautiful Beach. S also told his job to collect customer to size wages as well as bonus which he got. S … Read more

According to court, the state is not liable for the suffering of ‘remote mothers’

However, the court ruled that it was not the task of Child Protection to advise the mothers. According to the judge, the compulsion that many remote mothers experienced was mainly due to pressure from the environment, such as from their parents or the GP. According to the court, social and religious relationships were different at … Read more

young man dies in hospital, denied his mother’s last farewell

The story of Simone, a Florentine, who died at the age of 23 in the hospital in Torregalli in the internal medicine ward while his mother repeatedly asked to come in for a last farewell, which was not possible, is causing a sensation. The story was dealt with by the program “Agorà”, on Rai3. The … Read more

The teenager who made medical history to save her mother’s life

12 January 2022 image source, Aliana Deveza Caption, Aliana Deveza promoted an organ exchange that saved her mother’s life. When she was just 19 years old, Aliana Deveza organized and underwent a historic operation to save her mother’s life. He convinced a hospital to do the first organ exchange in the United States, an intervention … Read more

Take a look at the Burrow Bag of the coffee mothers.

>>If talking about the beloved children’s bag, the favorite of the Mae Sai Fae Off-WhiteTM’s The Burrow Bag family is inevitable since its debut at the Spring/Summer 2021 runway show by designer and designer Virgil Abloh. brand founder Inspired by “Swiss Cheese” and “Meteor Shower”, the highlight of this bag is its notch shape. Coupled … Read more

How Elham Shaheen’s niece commented on her mother’s engagement to

07:00 pm Friday January 21 2022 Books – Hani Saber: The young artist, Elham Safi El-Din, spoke about the engagement of her mother, Inas Shaheen, sister of the artist, Ilham Shaheen, to the artist Amr Diab at the beginning of his artistic career. And Ilham Safi El-Din said, on the “Kalam El-Nass” program: “I know … Read more

Why did Yasmine Sabry’s father say to his daughter: An actress as “your mother’s grandfather”?

It seems that the burning crisis between Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry And her father, Ashraf Sabry, will not end, and she will witness new chapters during the coming period. In light of the father’s attack on her and accusing her of lying and misleading, in a post he later deleted without explaining the reasons for … Read more

Lee Soo-jin, a dentist who apologized after confessing to her mother’s wounds in ‘Preference for Boys’… “I understand now”

Instagram ‘sjeuro’ [뉴스1] Reporter Hyo-jeong Yoon = Lee Soo-jin, a YouTuber and dentist who became a hot topic after appearing on ‘Golden Counseling Center’, said that he sent an apology text to his mother. On the 16th, Lee Soo-jin posted a message to her mother on Instagram saying, “After the live broadcast, I apologized to … Read more

Symptoms of DHF in 2-year-old children that mothers should be aware of and how to deal with them, don’t miss it – All Pages Take note now, the following are the symptoms of DHF in children aged 2 years. – The following is Symptoms of DHF in a 2 year old child. DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever) is a disease that spreads through the bite of a mosquito infected with the dengue virus. This disease can attack him, … Read more