Natalia, 27, left her son to defend Ukraine: when you hear how Russians talk to their mothers, everything becomes clear

If you think this article is going to be some kind of sexist, glorifying woman behind the stove because “she belongs there,” I have to disappoint you. It was this officer who invited me to talk to Natalija, especially speaking respectfully not only about her as a medic, but also about other women serving together. … Read more

He kissed his mother’s head and gave her his shirt. A clip of the Moroccan national team’s star shakes the communication sites

styled His colleague Ashraf HakimiAnd in a beautiful shot, Moroccan national team player Sofiane Boufal went to the stands to kiss his mother’s head and gift her his shirt after the end of the match against Canada, on Thursday evening, which ended with the victory of the precious “Atlas Lions” and their qualification for the … Read more

Mothers of fallen Russian soldiers received a set of towels from the authorities

Message about how the Russian authorities “take care” of the families of fallen soldiers raised a wave of anger among Russian users of the social network. The comments under the post did not take napkins. “Get out”, “disappear”, were the most polite expressions that appeared in the comments. The outrage caused by the post forced … Read more

Book ‘Olha-me Outra Vez’ discusses the right not to be a mother – 11/28/2022 – Equilíbrio

“Olha-me Outra Vez” is the first book by artist Angélica Franca Padovani. The telenovela brings women as protagonists to discuss feminism, the relationship between mothers and daughters and the right to refuse maternity. “A woman doesn’t have to feel guilty for not wanting to be a mother”, says the author. The work tells the stories … Read more

Ukraine, petition of Russian mothers against the war

And Group of mothers of Russian soldiers has called for the withdrawal of Moscow troops from Ukraine, launching an online petition. The campaign, organized by the Russian feminist anti-war resistance group, was launched on Mother’s Day in Russia. The petition is published on and is addressed to deputies of the relevant committees of the … Read more

Real identities of ‘worried soldier mothers’ with whom Putin engaged

The allegedly concerned mothers with whom Putin sat on Friday turn out to be a senior official in the Russian government, the wife of a senior army officer or the partner of a police commissioner. Olga Beltseva, for example, was there, a Moscow government official. Also at the table: Olesya Shigina, an ultra-conservative Russian activist, … Read more

Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite now manages her mother’s career

Met at the Regroupement Partage Celebrity Evening, Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite was accompanied by her spouse, Steven Levac. • Read also: Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite becomes the manager of her lover • Read also: Normand Brathwaite is having a completely adorable time with his grandson At the head of her own management and production box for three months, Elizabeth … Read more

Mothers’ Super Action After the Cianjur Earthquake

Cianjur – The action of Evi Devia, women from Cadot Village, RT 4 RW 6 Sukamanah Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency deserves thumbs up. He alone picks up a number of aid to build emergency tents for residents in his neighborhood. As is known, the earthquake that rocked Cianjur affected dozens of sub-districts in the … Read more

Putin met with the mothers of fallen Russian soldiers. It took their breath away

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday received several mothers of soldiers who fell or are still fighting in Ukraine. He told them that the Kremlin shares their pain, but does not intend to end the conflict with the neighboring country because of them. The meeting was pre-planned and the 17 mothers who sat down at … Read more

War/Conflicts, Politics | Putin says he shares the pain of Russian soldier mothers

– I want you to know that I personally and the entire country’s leadership share your pain, Putin told the mothers ahead of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Russia next Sunday. – We understand that nothing can replace the loss of a son, a child, he continued. It is happening at the same time … Read more