The new Ford Ranger also arrives in the Raptor version, its sound sounds very interesting

There was no mention of the Raptor in the official materials, but Ford cleverly hid the information in the online premiere. Today’s unveiling of the fourth-generation Ford Ranger has so far saved technical specifications, which is not so surprising given the planned launch in 2023. However, we were a little surprised that there was no … Read more

The first GMC Hummer EV will set off in December, with a range of 529 km

Production has already started and the first people interested in the electric Hummer EV in Edition 1 equipment will see their cars later this year. Speculation about the revival of the Hummer brand has been circulating on the air for many years, but it was not until October last year that GMC introduced the first … Read more

Ford ends joint development with Rivian. Manufacturers will go their separate ways

Rivian is an American electric car manufacturer that intends to repeat Tesla’s success. But now he has lost one interesting partnership. The success of the carmaker Tesla did not let other companies sleep, which are also trying to attract their electric cars today. Rivian is also one of them, which this year began to offer … Read more

Mars rover captures video of the Ingenuity helicopter

The US National Space Agency has released a video of the thirteenth flight of the Ingenuity helicopter to Mars. The video was published with the statement on the agency’s website. Ingenuity is a Mars helicopter with a fan diameter of about a meter, sent to this planet by the Mars Perseverance rover. On September 4, … Read more

Snow, sand, mud. See how the new generation Ford Ranger is tested

The next pickup of the blue oval is slowly getting ready for the premiere. Even before his debut, he reveals himself in a new video trailer. The Ford Ranger utility vehicle is a global model of the brand, which is sold in more than 180 markets. In addition, the new generation will serve as a … Read more

Another giant pickup truck thinks electrically. Behind the door is a Chevrolet Silverado EV

American full-size pick-ups are usually combined with a giant eight-cylinder fork, but more and more often electric drive penetrates their offer. After the Ford F-150, such a version also goes to the rival Chevrolet Silverado. The boom in electric propulsion is not only a matter for European markets, it is also increasingly popular in the … Read more

The Škoda Favorit was not only created as a hatchback. Do you remember practices, styluses or electric cars?

To this day, the Škoda Favorit is considered a milestone in the history of the Mladá Boleslav carmaker, which saved its future. Thanks to Favorit, Volkswagen showed interest in it, which it subsequently bought and still owns. But without the Velvet Revolution, the future of the brand could have taken a different direction. And with … Read more

Enthusiasts built a Toyota Hilux V12 twin-turbo and set out to race it

The three-liter turbodiesel replaced the five-liter twelve-cylinder, which comes from a luxury limousine. Thanks to a pair of turbochargers, however, it offers almost double the power. The car, which you can see in the gallery, rolled off Toyota’s production line in 2012, originally had a 3.0-liter D4-D turbodiesel under the hood, and evidently headed for … Read more

Fering Pioneer is a rugged electric off-road, which is said to cover up to 7,000 km

The new off-road of the small British company Fering relies on unusual technology, but it has great ambitions. For Fering Technologies Ltd. stands a certain Ben Scott-Geddes, which is a name that probably won’t interest anyone at first. In his CV, however, we would read that in recent years he has worked for McLaren (also … Read more

Ford first showed the new Ranger. Watch a video of the rough tests

Ford offers the first look at the new generation of Ranger pickups. The current Ford Ranger has been in production since 2011, and the successor will be introduced in full parade this year. And next year, according to the American carmaker, it will go to the market. Ford attracts the new Ranger with a video … Read more