Ukrainian politician – a collaborator. It lost him

According to SBU, the main task of Derkacz was to coordinate the activities of private security companies in various regions of Ukraine When the Russian troops entered, when it was already known that the (Ukrainian) cities were surrendering, private security companies were to ensure (…) uninterrupted entry (of the aggressor’s forces) – testified former associate … Read more

The attack in Ukraine. A well-known politician blew up – o2

The Ukrainian Pravda portal and other Ukrainian media informed about the murder of the politician. In the occupation authorities of Kherson, Dmytro Savulchenko was “the head of the department for family, youth and sports”. Before the war, the man was a pro-Russian activist belonging to the party of Wiktor Medvedczuk. Ukrainian politician is dead. He … Read more

RUSSIA: Vladimir Putin, the world’s most mysterious politician

At least that’s what Russian media say about Vladimir Putin, according to whom his private life is considered one of the most secret secret. That is why the Russian press of the Pbhy agency and the German magazine Der Spiegel have not recently published that the husband of his youngest daughter Katerina was an actor … Read more

Former Norwegian politician: – Received Russian honorary medal

In recent days, the former Red politician Hendrik Weber (45) has met a number of top politicians in Russia. Dagbladet has previously mapped Weber’s relations with Russia and revealed that he has close ties to Putin-affiliated politicians in Russia and in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine. He is board member of an organization supporting … Read more

This Gerindra politician sheds tears when he hears M Taufik is fired

JAKARTA, – Deputy Chairperson of DKI Jakarta Gerindra DPD Syarif admitted to shedding tears hearing the news of his senior, M Taufikwas fired as a Gerindra cadre. He said his human side emerged when he heard the news that M Taufik was no longer recognized as a member of the party bearing the garuda … Read more

A sharp chatter between the deputy head of the Zeenski chancellery and an important Hungarian politician. “You will know the wasp dry” | News from the world

“People have always been wise and have known for ages how to respond to completely unacceptable, barbaric statements by non-politicians” – writes Andriy Sybiha in his Facebook post. The deputy head of the office of Volodymyr Zelensky in the next sentence specifies that he refers to the “disrespectful” Hungarian chairman Parliament. “The one who is … Read more

“Boonthavorn”, the advisor of the MP Tae, tells the story of a friend who is cruelly broken-hearted, episode 5

Xia Celebrity was extremely angry and couldn’t control his anger, so he entered.hurt the actressagain and with the order of the old man telling him to settle it by the night So he ordered the production staff to deal with the actress in a brutal way, strangling the poor actress so that she wouldn’t breathe … Read more

Strange theses of a Russian politician. “That is why we do not inform about the victims”

Andrei Kartapolov, chairman of the defense committee and former deputy defense minister of Russia, said that his country stopped providing data on the number of victims in March because they were not there – we learn from the entry by Julia Davis, the founder of Russian Media Monitor. These are not the only bizarre statements … Read more

Luhut Manages Cooking Oil, Gerindra Politician: President Lowers His Ultimate Aji

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Member of Commission VI of the DPR, Andre Rosiade, saw the appointment of Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan as a party to take care of the problem of cooking oil scarcity as evidence of the peak of frustration for President Joko Widodo, alias Jokowi. The reason is … Read more

“There are only two options.” A politician and a journalist name the conditions for a quick end to the war

In an interview with Obozrevely, Igor Yakovenko said that even on condition that Ukraine regains all its territory, Putin’s regime will continue to threaten them. Yakovenko also questioned the capitulation of the Russian dictator. “And then we’re in a very high zone of uncertainty, which depends on a huge number of factors, even random ones. … Read more