In the polls it is head to head between the League and the Brothers of Italy

AGI – The head-to-head between Lega and Fratelli d’Italia continues for the (virtual) palm of the country’s first party. If last week our Supermedia had photographed – for the first time in three years – the sensational overtaking of FDI, today the two competitors are perfectly matched, both with a round 20%. Of some interest … Read more

Political polls, Brothers of Italy at the top ahead of Lega and Pd

Fratelli d’Italia drops but remains the first party in front of Lega and Pd. The Swg poll for Tg La7 attributes 20.3% of voting intentions to Giorgia Meloni’s party. FdI drops 0.2% but remains ahead of Matteo Salvini’s League which drops by 0.1% and is now worth 20%. The Democratic Party is also down (-0.3%), … Read more

Ethiopia, Abiy wins the elections (but not the war in Tigray without polls) –

He does not win the war in Tigray but conquers the Parliament of Addis Ababa: Abiy Ahmed, 44, prime minister since 2018, has passed the first major electoral test. The results of the vote on June 21, announced today, give his Party of Prosperity an overwhelming success: 410 seats out of the 436 available. They … Read more

More than half of Salvadorans reject Bitcoin

Study presented by the UFG revealed that the population distrusts cryptocurrency. 52.1% of Salvadorans do not agree on the use of Bitcoin and another 30% do not trust the cryptocurrency, According to data from a survey revealed yesterday by the Francisco Gavidia University, two months after the Bitcoin Law enters into force. The survey: “Salvadorans … Read more

Polls, Meloni overtakes Salvini. For Tecné FdI it is the first party

Of polls that gave Meloni’s party close to the League several have come out in the last few weeks. But the survey just published by Tecné in collaboration with the Dire agency marks the overtaking this time. FdI in fact reaches 20.5% of the votes against 20.4 of the Carroccio. Third was the Democratic Party … Read more

Biden vs. Trump: What the Polls Say About the Presidential Race | International

We started a follow-up with data from the electoral race in the United States, before the Democratic convention and once the candidates for president and vice president of the two parties are known Democrat Joe Biden is the favorite of the polls, the experts and the betting, but just think of 2016 to remember a … Read more

Goes to the polls with her husband in custody – Svetlana challenges “Europe’s last dictator” – VG

DISSATISFACTION: Thousands of people gather under the appeals of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya (37). She is the biggest challenger to “Europe’s last dictator”. Foto: Sergei Grits / AP Svetlana Tikhanovskaja (37) is the teacher with no political experience who has managed to hit a nerve with the people of Belarus. Tonight she goes to the polls against … Read more

Juventus dreams of Zidane … but already polls 2 technicians

While the Juventus Turin He has no evidence to be alarmed by Cristiano Ronaldo, at least that is how his president Andrea Agnelli recognized him because the Italian press has even questioned his continuity; Maurizio Sarri has not held the position. Follow after this announcement And the thing is that the coach has been dismissed, … Read more

Trump dissatisfied with polls, replaces campaign leader with veteran

With Trump still four months away from the US election, President Trump has put his campaign leader aside. Trump would not be satisfied with the poll results, in which he lags behind challenger Joe Biden. In addition to the replacement of campaign leader Brad Parscale, more is being pushed into the team to provide the … Read more