It’s Fun, 5 Regions Hold 2023 Tax Bleaching, Dead STNK Taxes Can Be Taken Care Of

MOTOR Plus-online/ A. Ridho ILLUSTRATION. Note, 5 regions in Indonesia are holding tax amnesties in 2023. Dead STNK taxes can be taken care of. MOTOR – Bikers note, there are 5 title regions tax amnesty 2023can directly take care of taxes STNK dead nih! Entering 2023, there are 5 regions in Indonesia that are … Read more

Untraceable graduates, the most requested profiles in 2023 and the regions where they are most lacking

In 2022, holding a college degree is required at 15% of income Engineers, economists, doctors. They are the unobtainable graduates according to Unioncamere-Anpal data which photograph the difficulties in finding companies in 2022. In the past year the search for graduates exceeded 780,000 units and among the most requested degrees there are those in economics, … Read more

3,744.5 billion in Seoul, 3.3 billion in Jeonnam…Last year, a large gap between venture investment regions

Last year, there was also a large gap in venture investment between regions. Seoul, the largest, accounted for 55.3% (3,744.5 billion won) of the total, while Jeonnam, the lowest, only 0.1% (3.3 billion won). Last year, total venture investment amounted to 6,764 billion won, down 11.9% (916.2 billion won) from the previous year. Although the … Read more

The discovery of active regions of the sun facing the earth and threatening negative effects on the planet

Thank you for reading the news about technology: discovering active regions of the sun facing the Earth and threatening negative effects on the planet, and now with the news details Cairo – Samia Sayed – Solar activity has increased recently as huge active regions of the sun revolved around its eastern edge to face the … Read more

Saudi Arabia: The effect of the rainy situation on Wednesday expanded to include several regions, with a decrease in temperatures | Arab weather

Arab weather – The latest weather maps resulting from the so-called computer simulation in the Arab Weather Center indicate that it is expected that several parts of the eastern regions and Riyadh will be affected administratively on Wednesday and Thursday by the rainy situation; This is due to the deepening of the cold air mass … Read more

The crisis with craftsmen is deepening. In which regions are they missing the most? OVERVIEW

The lack of craftsmen has long plagued the Czechia, and the situation is still not improving. According to experts, on the contrary, the crisis is deepening, now there are already over 400,000 craftsmen missing from the market. The situation is worst in Prague, where the situation is significantly worse than in the rest of the … Read more

Tourism on track to recover to pre-pandemic levels in some regions, UN says

“Nevertheless, tourists are expected to pay more attention to value for money and travel closer to home in response to a difficult economic environment,” UNWTO added in a press release. According to the prospective scenarios drawn up by the UNWTO for 2023, international tourist arrivals could reach 80% to 95% of their pre-pandemic levels this … Read more

Russia – Putin’s little USSR, but the Kremlin’s omnipotence over Russian regions is fading

The shocking events and global upheavals of the past year have put regional Russian politics on the back burner. Many Russian voters are apparently unaware of (or have simply forgotten about) the death of one of the biggest and most enduring figures in Russian politics for decades – the leader of the LDPR party, Vladimir … Read more

Second body floats in Lake Mandra near Burgas (VIDEO+PHOTO) – Regions – Bulgaria – NOVA News

His recognition is pending A body of a drowned man floated in Lake Mandrensko. According to initial data, it is the second fisherman who disappeared at the end of November. The body was reported at 7:30 this morning. Police officers immediately went to the place near the “Tverditsa” district. We remind you that on November … Read more

Lightning Rain Predicted to Fall in 8 Regions in East Java on Sunday 15 January 2023, Here’s BMKG Info

KORANMEMO.COM – Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released weather forecast on Sunday January 15, 2023 where thunderstorm predicted to flush 8 area Of East Javaone of which is Batu City. Corresponding weather forecast BMKG Sunday January 15, 2023 , 8 area Of East Java which was washed down thunderstorm including Blitar Regency, Malang Regency, … Read more