Elisa concert in Bassano, stage roof collapses: two injured

The canopy of the stage for Elisa’s concert, scheduled for tomorrow at the Ragazzi del 99 park, collapsed shortly after 1pm. Two people were injured. Firefighters intervened on the spot. The pre-assembled stage canopy folded at 45 ° and collapsed on the base of the stage. The firefighters arrived from the local detachment, secured the … Read more

Gas, prices remain high. Draghi: “Insist on roof at the price”. Green light for the EU to share storage

Gas prices still under pressure ad Amsterdam, the market that acts as a reference for trade in fossil fuel. Megawatt / hour closed at 129 euros, 1% more from closing on Friday, after climbing in the early morning up to 136 euro. To support the prices there is the fear that, in the face of … Read more

Draghi insists on the price cap, the G7 opens on energy – World

Impose a cap on the price of gas as well. Do not stop looking for the right “way” to respect the different sensitivities that have already emerged among the 27 of the EU and at the same time overcome the perplexities about price cap instruments also found among the 7 big ones. In the Bavarian … Read more

At night, over the roof of the house, he saw a shocking spectacle: he immortalized a strange radiant spiral in the vault of heaven.

A stunning spectacle in the night sky above his home was captured by Queenstown resident Clare Rehill and shared a shot on Twitter. Next to the captured frame, the woman also wrote her guess what it could be: “It has something to do with it SpaceX“. Taken in Queenstown NZ about 30 minute’s ago. Any … Read more

Saudi Prince MBS once made a noise by climbing to the roof of the Kaaba

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Lord Arab Saudi, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), once made a public commotion after climbing onto the roof of the Kaaba in Mecca. The incident occurred in 2019. At that time, MbS visited the Kaaba in order to check the progress of the renovation of the Grand Mosque complex. However, the visit … Read more

Very handsome! Mitsubishi Xpander has its roof trimmed to become a Buggy-style convertible

Instagram @yogabudiw Digimods Mitsubishi Xpander ala Buggy Otomotifnet.com – What will happen if Mitsubishi’s flagship LMPV, Mitsubishi Xpander deformed? This change in the shape of the Mitsubishi Xpander was designed by the owner of the Instagram account @yogabudiw, the creator digimods in one of the posts. @yogabudiw designed the Mitsubishi Xpander concept with a body … Read more

Israelis and Palestinians “under the same roof, under one sky” – Corriere.it

from Aldo Cazzullo The writer died at 85. He was convinced that Israel had the opposite problem to the rest of the world: an excess of memory. About death he said: a gift we give to our grandchildren: leave them space The Israelite writer Abraham Yehoshua died on Tuesday 14 June 2022 at the age … Read more

Supermarket roof collapses due to hailstorm in CDMX, no injuries – El Financiero

The hailstorm this Sunday he left us beautiful postcards and a great scare, after the roof of a self-service store will collapsein the mayor’s office Benito Juarez, in Mexico City. “Due to the accumulation of hail, the fall of a tin roof, approximately 35 m by 20 m, of the Soriana self-service store located on … Read more

Three families that own the mega-business of cooking oils, which are through the roof

The spike in cooking oil prices saw an increase of close to 50%. A global alarm that has made supermarket chains in Europe call to limit their consumption. Ukraine, which assured 50% of the world trade in sunflower oil, has stopped exports and Russia, which exported 28%, has set quotas. In Colombia, the majority of … Read more