“At 27 years old, I do not allow them to let me die from Covid”

Patricia Rus is 27 years old and suffers from breast cancer. He has posted a nearly ten-minute video on Facebook to protest and demand help for those affected by cancer at a time when the coronavirus pandemic disrupts health care. “This video is a little difficult for me have to do it, but I feel … Read more

The complaint of a cancer patient: “I am not willing to be allowed to die from the covid”

Patricia Rus, sick with breast cancer, denounces the situation of many patients, with their treatments paralyzed “It is not fair that to fight for a pandemic others are allowed to die” “No one has the right to take away the hope of being able to heal us” “This video is a bit difficult for me … Read more

A father holding his sick daughter exposes authoritarianism

An Argentine father carried his sick daughter 5 kilometers because the State required permission to travel. (PanAm Post Design) The phrase “until the last breath I have my rights” became one of the revolutionary slogans against the brutal quarantine imposed by Peronism in Argentina. The words belong to So long leisure, who, unable to communicate … Read more

Boris Johnson isolates himself after being in contact with sick person

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday that he is “fit as a butcher’s dog” and that he maintains control of the government, despite having to isolate himself because one of his contacts tested positive for coronavirus. Johnson, who is trying to keep a resurgence of COVID-19 in the UK at bay, quell unrest within … Read more

The tremendous confession of Luis Suárez before facing Barcelona: “It makes me sick”

After the national team break, LaLiga will return with one of the most anticipated games of the season. Atlético de Madrid will receive Barcelona in the Wanda Metropolitano. After six seasons with the Blaugrana jersey, Luis Suarez he will see the faces with his former colleagues. For this reason, the ‘Pistolero’ gave an interview for … Read more

USA: Dozens of poll workers sick with COVID

Despite efforts to keep voting centers safe in the United States, some poll workers who came into contact with voters on Election Day tested positive for coronavirus, including more than two dozen cases in Missouri, New York, Iowa. , Indiana and Virginia. Infections cannot be definitively linked to polling places. Because COVID-19 is spreading rapidly … Read more

“Music will not cure a sick person, but it can heal their sadness or anxiety”

Since the pandemic broke out in our lives, Leticia Vergara works with a motto: “Sing with a mask to keep singing.” Of course it is uncomfortable, but security is non-negotiable and the alternative is hellish. Stop working and the music does not play is not in their plans. For this reason, the mezzo-soprano from Irunes … Read more