So ugly it makes you sick. The new Munch Museum has won an anti-prize

<!—-> “The Munch Museum is so ugly that it makes you sick. It is unbelievable that the art of the most beloved Norwegian painter is located in such a repulsive, huge public building, “said psycher and one of the representatives of the Arkitekturoppröret Saher Sourouri. Arkitekturoppröret is a popular movement that fights for a more … Read more

Will Smith ill after having made love too much Teledakar

In his autobiographical book Will, relayed by our colleagues at, the American actor evokes the emotional void of his early career. In order to forget his first love Mélanie Parker, the star of the Prince of Bel Air admits to having passed from woman to woman… at a steady pace. “Until that point in … Read more

ISL|He Shibei gets sick and pushes the top 200 records from Asia to lead the finals (16:02)-20211127-Sports-News

He Shibei played in the ISL playoffs in the Netherlands this morning in the next day’s event. After completing 51.13 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle swim, he scored 12 points for the Energy Standard swimming team (ENS), and was followed by the strong 200-meter freestyle. To make 1 minute and 50.65 seconds, not only won … Read more

Index – Domestic – János Lázár: He calls us vile, sick animals, everyone has the right to die

Government Commissioner János Lázár held his meeting online due to the coronavirus epidemic Wednesday evening from the tram train, which will leave at the end of November, and Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely. He spoke at the online forum about tram traine and then responded to questions from viewers. However, there were some questions that did not … Read more

Bronchiolitis: the right things to do to keep your baby from getting sick

Sooner or later all children will be infected with respiratory syncytial virus. The aim of prevention is to protect infants the youngest and most vulnerable. “We had the demonstration last year that we could prevent bronchiolitis since, with the use of masks, gel, confinement, the epidemic of bronchiolitis was almost non-existent in toddlers, while nurseries … Read more

COVID-19 sick Giffey won’t help Grunwald

Kaunas “Žalgiris” team received confirmation of a positive case of COVID-19, which was recorded for the attacker Nielsui Giffey. After the first PCR test on Thursday, the results were unclear (the test laboratory recommended a repeat test). After repeating the test on Friday, a positive response came back from the lab. Isolated from the team, … Read more

Half of Mora’s squad sick of the RS virus – match relocation stopped

– It is quite clear, there are competition regulations to relate to, says Peter Hermodsson, club manager in Mora, to TT. – An addition was made about covid and that was what we tried to invoke; that we do not have covid but another virus. But RS is not covid-19 and therefore the competition rules … Read more

This is the difference between coughing when sick with pneumonia and COVID-19, Jakarta Pneumonia is an acute infection or inflammation of the lung tissue caused by various microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. The symptoms that appear on the two triggers are almost the same, you know. Symptoms when a person has pneumonia due to bacteria and viruses usually include: fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. … Read more