What Makes the Sleep Policeman Have No Morals, the Kia SUV Gets Stuck in the Middle

Jakarta – A viral photo shows a Kia Seltos SUV stuck in a speed bump or speed bumps. The incident that troubled motorists took place in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, India. Quoted from the site Cart, this incident happened to Abhishek Sharma. Sharma mentions his Kia Seltos trapped in a very large speed bump. Sharma realized … Read more

This is what Honda’s new SUV looks like, a competitor to the Toyota Raize in Indonesia?

Monday, 27 June 2022 – 14:34 WIB VIVA – PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) is preparing mobil SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle compact to be a competitor Toyota Raize, Daihatsu Rockyand the Nissan Magnite. The car is a production version of SUV RS The concept was first exhibited at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show, … Read more

Kia leaves the competition without options by lowering the trendy SUV by 6,000 euros

When Kia landed in our market many years ago knew very well that it had to offer something different to the consumer to make its models successful in a market as complicated as the Spanish one. In this sense, from the first minute the best weapon of which has been an excellent quality/price ratio of … Read more

Facelift DS 7: More luxurious look and new top motorization

The DS Automobiles brand has revealed a modernized version of the DS 7 Crossback model. It relies on a more luxurious look inside and out, and a new top engine tuned from DS Performance has been added. The DS 7 Crossback was the first car fully run by the young carmaker DS Automobiles, which had … Read more

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, the manufacturer’s most popular SUV model, has been introduced

The GLC body features a design of continuous, widening surfaces enriched with precisely shaped edges on the sides of the car. They emphasize the car’s unique proportions, highlight wheel arches, and strike a balance between visual elegance and the technical capabilities of an SUV. A distinctive exterior accent is the redesigned headlights that combine with … Read more

Skoda Trekka: The first ‘SUV’ Skoda got lost in Europe. It’s infernally expensive – Magazine – Car

If you find such a 1000 MB or 110 R Coupé damage too boring, there is a chance to buy something much more exotic. Two pieces of Czech-New Zealand history were offered. However, the Škoda Trekka is not a cheap affair at all. Prepare at least 90,000 euros! Photo: rajveteranu.cz Škoda Trekka From 1968 to … Read more

Dacia Duster: The refurbished SUV revealed prices. It ceases to be cheap – News – Car

Dacia showed the restored Duster a few days ago. Just a year after modernization. Along with that comes a higher price. Nevertheless, Duster is still trying to stay grounded. Photo: Dacia Dacia – a new visual identity 2022 The new visual identity brought Duster a new mask with a new logo and chrome segments creating … Read more