Toyota Camry on the domestic market ends after 43 years. You can guess the reason twice

Fortunately, the large sedan ends up only in the domestic market, where demand was low. In other corners of the world, sales will continue. Toyota has reportedly decided to end sales of the large Camry sedan in its home market of Japan. The Camry name will end after 43 long years, while in total around … Read more

Vehicle sales | Toyota and its strategy to increase its market share this 2023 | ECONOMY

David Caro, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager of Toyota del Perú, told that they seek to continue strengthening their product offer with diverse alternatives. “This year we estimate that the market can close around 182,000 units and as Toyota we want to aim to achieve around 38,000 units to achieve an estimated 20.9% market … Read more

Toyota Indonesia Adds Innova Zenix Hybrid Battery Supply

BANGKOK, – The Toyota Innova Zenix Hybrid immediately received attention in Indonesian society. Since its launch at the end of 2022 until now the number of orders has continued to grow, even exceeding the number of conventional engine variants. As a result, consumers who buy the Innova Zenix Hybrid have to be willing to … Read more

IDR 5 Million Discount, Installments Starting at IDR 3 Million

Jakarta – The All New Toyota Agya and All New Toyota Agya GR Sport will appear at Kota Kasablanka Mall, 22-26 March 2023. During the event, there will be promos and special discounts! Toyota Astra Motor is holding a special public exhibition agenda for All New Agya and All New Agya GR Sport for 22-26 … Read more

The new Toyota boss also plans to put emphasis on hydrogen, but electric cars will also be developed

A few weeks ago, Koji Sato took over as the chairman of Toyota’s board, replacing the current head of the company, Akio Toyoda. The new manager’s statements suggest that Toyota’s overall course will not change – Sato believes that the backbone of Toyota’s future will be hydrogen cars, not battery-powered electric cars. “We want to … Read more

Specifications for the Innova Reborn Diesel that Toyota is selling again

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023 09:31 WIB Toyota is selling the Kijang Innova diesel automatic transmission again. (Photo: Toyota Astra Motor) Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Toyota announced the Kijang Innova reborn G diesel automatic transmission variant officially marketed again for type orders fleet and individual retail. This car is priced at IDR 419.4 million. … Read more

Why private individuals prefer to drive a Toyota and lease drivers prefer an Audi

Toyota is the most popular brand among private car buyers. — © BELGAIMAGE Private individuals drive a Toyota or Dacia, lease drivers a BMW or Audi. This is evident from figures from sector federation Febiac. “A Dacia offers a lot of car for a reasonable price,” says Brecht Vanhaelewyn of the Auto55 website. Guido Cloostermans … Read more

List of Award Winners at Jakarta Auto Week 2023, Who Are They?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Gaikindo Jakarta Auto Week 2023 automotive exhibition will end tonight, Sunday, March 19 2023. Towards its closing, the organizers also gave a number of awards to the participants. Jakarta Auto Week 2023 presents 11 award categories, starting from aftermarket products, booths, the best electric car, the best SUV, to the best … Read more

Regarding the used version, the market for the Honda Brio is more appreciated than the Toyota Agya – Toyota Agya and Honda Brio are now competing in the same segment. After the non-LCGC (GR Sport) Toyota Agya launched to tackle the Honda Brio RS. In terms of price, the Toyota Agya is priced starting at IDR 167.9 million to IDR 253.5 million on the road (OTR) DKI Jakarta. Meanwhile, Honda Brio … Read more