Don’t be surprised, at this price the Toyota Kijang was launched for the first time

100kpj – The presence of the Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix adds to the long list of generations of the Toyota Kijang in Indonesia which began in 1977, which was first launched at the Hilton Hotel, Jakarta at that time. The first generation of the Toyota Kijang was given the body code KF10, which was popularly … Read more

The “tilt” of the new Toyota Prius windshield is amazing! Why it still looks like a Prius – AUTOCAR JAPAN

Fifth generation Why did it become that shape? Written by Wataru Shimizudani Toyotais a new modelPriusmade its world premiere. When developing the fifth-generation new model, President Akio Toyoda proposed making it a commodity (necessary item) that would contribute to carbon neutrality by sending out a large number of units as a taxi-only model or an … Read more

Toyota Coupé “disguised” as a Ferrari stopped by the Guardia di Finanza. The video –

The Guardia di Finanza of Asti has seized a fake Ferrari F430. It was actually a hand-modified Toyota MR2 Coup A pair of running shoes doesn’t make a Marcell Jacobs runner, any more than a red dress makes a Marcell Jacobs Toyota a Ferrari. Yet, there are those who have tried the magic trick: a … Read more

The fifth generation ‘Toyota Prius’ hybrid has become significantly sportier

Company “Toyota” has presented the new, now fifth generation “Prius” hybrid. If it will be available on the Japanese market as both a self-charging and plug-in hybrid, then only the “plug-in” version of this model will be delivered to the European market. The modification intended for the European market will be presented on the 5th. … Read more

Toyota Prius: the car that brought the hybrid to the world

With the Second generation Prius, Toyota’s designers raise the bar on all fronts: from comfort to performance, from safety to reduced fuel consumption. The result is a car that recalls the previous model only in the general layout, given that the bodywork, apart from the arched and sloping roof, undergoes important changes, the most evident … Read more

Toyota completely changes the design of the Prius, what do you think?

The Toyota Prius was one of the World’s first mass-selling hybrid cars. It is a success in many markets, including the US where “Prius” became synonymous with fuel efficiency and reliability. But overall, it was never considered a “nice” car. Also read: We tested the sports Toyota Hilux and we tell you what we liked … Read more

Toyota presents what will be one of its new best sellers in Spain

The new Toyota Prius 2023 has just been featured in Japan. The incombustible Japanese compact reaches its sixth generation and does so by improving everything seen previously. A model that aims to continue being a super sales. The Toyota Prius reaches its sixth generation. And it intends to continue to be a worldwide success. At … Read more

Porsche drives Toyota from behind at full speed, two injured

A Porsche was seized on Friday night after a collision on Midden-Brabantweg near Kaatsheuvel. The driver of the Porsche hit a car in front of him at the Kaatsheuvel-Zuid exit. That car was driven by a 22-year-old man from Rijsenhout. The collision happened around midnight. The man from Rijsenhout told the police that he saw … Read more

Matías Antico tested the Toyota Hilux GR-Sport: the complete test video

Matias Antico got behind the wheel of the Toyota Hilux GR-S, the sports configuration version of the medium-sized pick-up that is manufactured in Zárate, province of Buenos Aires. Do not miss this test drive with what you liked the most and least. The initials GR-S come from Gazoo Racing Sport, the competition division of the … Read more