Hokkaido’s snow scene surprises the North Coast? “Pallet Truck Trapped in Snow” Truth Exposes People Shocked-Social-China Times News Network

“Surprised to see the snow scene on the Binhai Highway of the Second Line of Taiwan?” At 1:00 p.m. today, a trailer truck was loaded with white calcium carbonate powder on the 113-kilometer Gongliao section of the Second Line of Taiwan in Gongliao District, New Taipei City. It was suspected that the goods behind were … Read more

Driver without a professional license overturns truck load in Costanera Norte: he was arrested by Carabineros

This morning A truck carrying a load of beverages from the CCU company suffered a detachment of its load at the moment of turning at the junction of the Costanera Norte highway to the west, in the section that connects with Route 68, thus leaving the highway partially blocked by the fallen cargo. According to … Read more

Ice and snow covered the road. It is being demolished almost all over the Czech Republic

Updated 12:44, 31/01/2023 31. 1. 2023, 07:06 Firefighters in Vysočina have had a busy night. They had to go to traffic accidents in several places. In the most serious accident, two trucks collided. For one of the drivers of the wrecked truck, firefighters even had to use hydraulic tools to extricate the man from the … Read more

Collision of two passenger cars and a truck in Miedziana Góra. See the photos

The collision of three vehicles took place on Tuesday morning, January 31, on the national road number 74 in Miedziana Góra. The traffic lane in the direction of Łódź was blocked for about two and a half hours. Younger aspirant Małgorzata Perkowska-Kiepas, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Kielce, informed: – The incident … Read more

Corrupt officials were searched and filled a truck full of alcohol and tobacco with cash at home, “5 money counters counted for 5 hours” | International | CTWANT

Corruption cases can occur in many countries. Fu Guoping, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China, was investigated for serious violations of discipline and law. He was expelled from the party and public office in January this year. The investigators found a large number of … Read more

Rocío Miranda, who is her business partner, Anthony Pazos, 15 years of relationship, surprised with a 40,000-dollar truck, showbiz story | SHOWS

SWEAR ETERNAL LOVE. Rocio Miranda He is at his best love moment at 36 years of age. The model opened its doors to Trome to reveal that her partner, the businessman in the automotive security sector, Anthony Pazossurprised her with a tremendous gift: a van valued at 40 thousand dollars. READ ALSO: Rocío Miranda receives … Read more

This year’s “hardest” test, or Tavs Auto TV tests a 100% electric SCANIA truck (+ VIDEO)

There is a saying “how you start the year, how you live it!” Perhaps that is why we are currently in Norway, where unforgettable adventures await us and – judging by the dimensions of the cars parked next to us – this day will be really impressive! Today, Tavs Auto TV is about cars that … Read more

Clear! Asteroid size 3.5×8.5 meters did not hit the Earth.

” Clear! Asteroid size 3.5×8.5 meters did not hit the Earth. Revealed to orbit very close to the earth One-fifth level of history Previously, there was news thatasteroidTruck-sized closest approach to Earth in history Dr. Chalermchai Boonyaleephan (Dr. Chalermchai), Vice Chairman of the Public Health Commission of the Senate, posted a private blockdit “hundred eight … Read more