Not Afraid of Jokowi, Thugs Palak Truck Drivers in North Jakarta Happens again – thuggery action Against container truck drivers happened in North Jakarta. In a viral video on social media, a driver was robbed of his valuables by the perpetrator, commonly known as an asmoro. One of these videos was uploaded by the Instagram account @cetul.22. According to his statement, this incident took place on Jalan … Read more

He was stealing cars by pulling them on a tow truck

According to information provided on Wednesday by the spokesman of the Małopolska police, Sebastian Glenia, the officers located a suspicious tow truck in Dębniki in Kraków. Their interest was also aroused by the Peugeot 206 carried on it without mounted license plates. Police officers stopped the driver for a roadside check. It turned out to … Read more

The driver of the overturned fire truck did not make a mistake, yet he was dragged away

Two years ago in Vác, a fire truck suddenly overturned during a presentation to students, went on two wheels for a while, and then rolled to its side. Five of them traveled in the vehicle, they were transported to the hospital. THE Glance learned that the driver of the car was suspected by the military … Read more

Footage that amazed the Americans.. Amr Adib presents a “video” of pulling a loader from the top of a truck

Ahmed Alaa Posted on: Saturday, July 17, 2021 – 4:51 AM | Last update: Saturday, July 17, 2021 – 4:51 AM The media, Amr Adib, presented clips showing the process of lowering a tractor loader from a transport vehicle in a manner that astonished the Americans, and the extent of the Egyptian ingenuity in dealing … Read more

Land Rover Defender on the outside, Tesla Model S on the inside, this truck is the best of both worlds

Fuel-fueled engines have become an integral part of Land Rover DefenderBut what happens when you bring them into the future on battery power? Here we present the result. Mat Watson from Carwow Reviews has just presented a video on its channel showing a couple of standard Land Rover Defenders models that have a surprise under … Read more

Transport Online – The number of corona cases in nursing homes is also starting to increase

THE HAGUE – The new wave of corona cases mainly affects young people, but the virus is slowly but surely starting to penetrate into nursing homes. The number of positive tests among the elderly there is increasing, although it is still limited for the time being. The residents are most at risk from an infection … Read more

A1, motorway closed but the truck passes the same and ends up against a vehicle of the construction site

Polstrada Barberino di Mugello (Florence), 15 July 2021 – The highway is closed but the truck passes the same. It happened yesterday in the night between Wednesday and Thursday on the A1 motorway, closed in both directions for urgent maintenance. According to the story of the Traffic Police, in fact, around 4 am a truck … Read more

Pity! Hunting for Viral Content is Paid for Life, Teenager Hits a Truck Killed

Jakarta – A group of teenagers carried out a reckless action, blocking a truck that was speeding on the highway. Sadly, they did this for the purpose of making viral content on social media. Yet it is very dangerous and can threaten their lives. Quoted from detikNews, the group of juvenile offenders truck ambush This … Read more

‘Urban Fisherman 3’ Lee Deok-hwa, SM Lee Soo-man’s coffee truck gift “Thank you”

Channel A ‘Only trust me and follow me, Urban Fisherman Season 3’ © News 1 ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ older brother Lee Deok-hwa boasts unexpected connections. In the 11th episode of Channel A entertainment ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman Season 3’ (hereafter ‘Urban Fisherman 3′), which will be broadcast on the afternoon of the … Read more

Tragedy in Hradec. The truck turned red at Kalinka’s, the driver of the passenger did not survive

According to initial information from the police, the deceased driver could not have been involved in the accident at all. “The driver of the truck driving along Koutníkovova street from the center of Hradec towards the roundabout at ČKD probably did not respect the stop signal when passing through the intersection, drove into the intersection … Read more