Kaliningrad, among the truck drivers queuing at the border: “It was better in the USSR”

CHERNYSHEVSKOE (Russia-Lithuania border) – Seen from the nearby petrol station, the hundreds of trucks queuing at the Russian-Lithuanian border look like many Lego bricks in columns. The row, sometimes double, extends for about four kilometers. “It has been like this since March. Sometimes it gets longer, sometimes it gets shorter. Today it got worse again,” … Read more

Ford unveils ‘Super Truck’

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" newspaper reported " Daily Mail" The power of the new vehicle from "Ford" up to 2000 hp. This truck is the fourth version of the bonkers Transits vehicles, which started "Ford" Manufactured in 1971. The unveiling of this car came during the Festival of Speed ​​dedicated to modern cars and … Read more

Protas. Fatal accident on DK 19. A truck hit a pedestrian. The driver ran away. Police arrested the suspect (photos)

Fatal accident in Protas. The truck driver killed the pedestrian and drove away. The police detained the suspect after media reports. On Wednesday, at 3.39, Podlasie policemen received information about an accident that happened at DK 19 near the town of Protasy. A truck fatally hit a 36-year-old pedestrian. The truck driver ran away in … Read more

With the rise of diesel, will there be a new truck drivers strike?

One of the leaders of self-employed truck drivers said that with the new high in fuel prices, a strike in the category “is the most likely”. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes How much does the money in the Nubank account earn? Last Friday (17), Wallace Landim (known as Chorão), one of the leaders of self-employed … Read more

Hungarian Csepel is a forgotten brand of trucks. It was destroyed by central planning

The Hungarian automotive industry is best known for the Ikarus buses, which also appeared in large numbers in Czechoslovakia. However, in the early 1950s, Csepel Island also began producing trucks of the same name. At the same time, their history is actually another reflection of “well-thought-out” central planning in the countries of the Eastern bloc. … Read more

Chiapas: truck with pilgrims from Tabasco overturns; there are dead and wounded

Dead and wounded, this would be the result of a rollover of a truck with pilgrims in Chiapas, who apparently came from Tabasco. Photo: Facebook/Ju Ka In the state of Chiapasand truck con pilgrims from Tabasco suffered a rollover the morning of this Friday, causing the rapid assistance of the emergency bodies, since at least … Read more

The deepest diamond mine in the world Jwaneng: It is visible from space and has its own hospital

Record stone was discovered in the mine at the beginning of last June. It’s almost as big as a tennis ball. “It is 7.3 centimeters long, 5.2 centimeters wide and 2.7 centimeters thick,” the British newspaper described the unique stone after the discovery was published. The Daily Mail. With a weight of 1,098 carats, which … Read more

The Robber and Murderer of a Truck Driver from NTB in Situbondo Finally Arrested in Surabaya

SITUBONDO, FaktualNews.co – Situbondo Police Satreskrim officers finally managed to arrest the perpetrator of the robbery and murder of a truck driver named Syamsul Riadi (34) from South Kediri Village, South Sedayu District, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The perpetrator, Muhammad Rizal (24), who is also from West Lombok, NTB, was arrested by … Read more